How to make Okra (Derere) -Zimbabwean way

Cooking Okra, How to cook – Okra Healthy vegan recipe. If you want to donate via PayPal please use the link below. Thanks



  1. Nearly impossible to get okra in the UK but it's available frozen in Asian markets, will that work? If not I'll order seeds and grow it in summer.
    Great video! Thanks for no annoying music and getting straight to the point.

  2. Oh my gosh….I nailed it. I did it. And it tastes good.

    I did let mine cook a bit longer on low heat.

    I did worry a bit when the colour changed from green to brown .

    I let it cool and it tastes normal. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Thank you for the recipe .


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