Kenya's Choice 2022 | Azimio la Umoja elected leaders meet

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  1. You guys u all trying to be neutral. What u are not telling Kenyans is the rigging happened at the Constitutioncy tallying centers. That's whwre UDA in corroboration with IEBC & Security agencies have messed up the votes.The facts are at Bomas of Kenya the total of F34A figures does not agree with F34B figures. F34B have been exaggerated in favor of UDA candidates. Hence there desperate attempt to delay the physical tallying of F34A because it's exposing their rigging. Mambo bado.

  2. How can karua and kalonzo go this looow… knowing they're in odm a party that mobilised killings of over thousands innocent kenyans souls and displaced people who as we speak are still in pain… soo sad…

  3. Kenya AFTER elections:
    VISION i saw today dawn, 13/8/22

    "A MESSY HOUSE, BLACK DOG and a RACOON" -Explained at bottom.

    1) I saw a " humble house" with furnitures and everything sattered all over as thou there had been a fierce fight. Then i saw a man beginning to arrange in order, and he began with the "wooden stools".

    2)Outside the house a fire had began to burn a "heap of wood", but i saw "Rain from heavens" fall and quench it and only "Smoke" remained sizzling, but it kept dwindling off.

    3) Then i see a mountaneous heap of unthreshed "Newly harvested beans" and a fierce looking all "Black dog" with a "Hairy bushy tail" began to eat the beans with the chaff. The man arranging the stools chased it off.

    4) Again i saw an animal called "Racoon" (google incase you dont know it) , and a "woman in kitenge" was chasing it yelling at the man to stop it. Why, cos it had swallowed her "ID card" in its mouth. He removes his "Right" leg "open rubber shoe" aka yeboyebo and hits the racoon but only about a "Quarter piece" of the ID falls from its mouth.

    He chases it within the heap of beans hitting it severaly and a big piece of the remaining ID fall from its mouth. But it had chewed and swallowed some fragments. I see the man holding the falled ID piece with a "salviet paper" for he suspected the "saliva" of the racoon could still be "Toxic".

    The more he beat the racoon the more it grew small, until it was as a "tsetsefly" flying over above his head trying to sting.

    interpretation given
    The Battle was fierce, the President is already known.

    A bit of very little tension but as rain easily quenches a fire so it shall fizzle away fast.

    Tail = After elections influence and control.

    Stools= Seats, power and control.

    ID card= Recovery of lost identity, may be a group of people or a political region(s).

    Racoon saliva= "let me not say".

    Rubber open shoe= The president will have no intention to harm or revenge, but to serve wanjiku justice, n restore her identity.

    Tsetsefly= Looks small but can cause sleeping sickness, ie cause things to stagnet or sleep!

    We thank God for peace. Justice has returned to kenya!!

    1)"Racoon syndicate"- Votes subraction from and addition to another canditate on the "mountain" unearthed. More "threshing of mountain beans" and rattling of the "racoon" will reveal more in days ahead ie "Spit remaining ID"

    2)"Stools re-arranged"- Expect many to loose seats in by-elections n new ones in.
    More visions in FB Acc Frank N. Muli

  4. You don't believe in something you have absolute certainty of.
    Royal media failed to avoid playing partisan. The same democracy Royal Media is enjoying to air partisan viewpoints is the same democracy that will gag it.

  5. Why would the Azimio leaders start planning to burn the country down. It is sad for them to starting preparations for chaos. Can’t they help stop distracting the process and help the Institution Constitutionally mandated to carry this task expedite it as the they are supposed.


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