#AfricansAreNotLabRats-French Doctors, #COVID19-Aisha Buhari’s Daughter Comes Out Of Self-Isolation

Outrage as French doctors discuss testing COVID-19 vaccine in Africa, #AishaBuhari’s daughter reunites with her family after 14day Isolation, world’s oldest #CoronaVirus Survivor celebrates 104th birthday .

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  1. I am not an African but i lived and
    Taught in Africa for many years.
    Like any other countries where i lived and was eduacated. Africa is a beautiful country with kind,
    helpful and hospitable people. I love their attire, food and their culture. It is just some so called greedy 'Sods' they are found in every country as well as the goverment who spoils the name of innocent citizens and their mother land. Every country is beautiful and unique in its own way and even the people of the
    Country. It's the 'Squares' who are
    Racist and they can't see beyond
    Their nose. They always stick to their own race even at a party they
    ..they don't mix around.

  2. If I am infected with any disease that there is no cure for, destined to die and someone offers to experiment some new medication they've been working on on me, what do I have to lose?
    I would take it anytime.

  3. Everyone please watch these videos and interpret as objectively (and as spiritually as you can). Personally, I believe that Covid19 is real and dangerous but I'm also convinced that it is just a decoy to a more sinister agenda that the global cult has planned for humanity. Africa open your eyes. Nigerians open your eyes. A lot of Europeans, Americans, Australians and Asians are aware of this. Ignorance is not bliss at all. My people perish for lack of knowledge – knowledge from all sources.





    After PATIENTLY watching the videos, please research even more. There are tonnes of evidence through out history. Google, search from YouTube, visit independent websites, read books. Just make sure you get yourself informed and then make intelligent decisions individually and as whole communities to ensure that our future generations will not become victims of our acquiescence today. Our fundamental freedom to be human(human rights) is gradually being eroded by the mind game of the global cult. Laugh now if you want. But if you remain ignorant of the plots of the global cult and play along with their psychological games, you will surely gnash your teeth in no distant time.

  4. Black people are used for experiment with different medication when hospitalized in western country thats why so Manny african american and other africans never come back from hosbitals


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