Wet Shave Review: NEW SOLOEDGE From Parker Single Edge Safety Razor


The Parker SoloEdge single edge safety razor is the perfect safety razor for new and experienced wet shavers looking for the blade angle of a cartridge razor with the benefits of a safety razor.





  1. Is it ok to get an extra hollow grind for my first straight razor? Reason why i ask is because a couple of the ones i like seem to be extra hollows. But i read somewhere that if you’re new to shaving with straight razors you shouldn’t get one. Because they are harder to save with and sharpen and everything else is that true?

  2. Hello Matt, loved the video on the Parker soloedge. I agree it gave me a great shave but I had to switch from the Parker blade to a Willy's blade which seemed to do a better job for me.

  3. How’s the blade clamping? My Twig isn’t that great, after loading, I have to repeatedly check for precision alignment before shaving. Strangely enough, the Leaf is much better though the blade guides are the same. Maybe the Twig’s rotating head is causing the problem.

  4. Hey Matt.

    I bought the four piece Parker 69CR set a few years ago. I'm not a big fan of it because there is a lot more blade reveal with that than with any other DE razor I own. Because there's so much blade hanging out in space, I get a lot of blade chatter with that razor (more with the CC plate than the OC) during the Against the grain pass, resulting in way too many weepers. I'm reluctant to try any other razors from Parker because of this. I didn't see a good shot of the blade reveal on this razor in your video. Pictures on the Parker website look like it's "Henson-esque" with very little blade reveal.

    Would you say that the shave is "Henson-esqe" and if so, which level of aggression?

  5. No thanks…we already have a 1/2 DE blade razor. It's called the Leaf Twig and it is superb. Why should I spend all that money on a new 1/2 DE blade razor when I'm already satisfied with the Leaf?

  6. While I haven't tried Miami Nights, I have used several HC&C samples and have bought three tubs (so far). VERY good stuff!

    That Parker razor is looking good; now on my wish list. I currently have two razors that use half DE blades – the Leaf Thorn and Razorock ECO – and both are pretty decent.

  7. Interesting. Might pick this one up. I’ve been daily shaving with the Ambassador for about two years now. Tried different kinds of razors over the years, but don’t get as good of a shave as I do with that one. Was catching up on your vids and was bummed to find out that you was here in Idaho Falls and I had no idea until recently. Hope you make a return trip. Keep up the great work!!

  8. 🇿🇦 Bad news .. saw on another shaving channel snapping a double edge blade to use on this razor. Some blades snap / break uneven and had to do a work arround to find a way to fix the issue to use the snapped blade. The issue is because of the uneven snap and because the design of the head of the razor the edge / cut side of the blade don't appear or petrude even .. blade is not seated even!

    Glad I did not buy over hasty .. !!

    Don't say it is going to happen every time but just a headsup to look out for it!!😳


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