Ethiopian Tibs & Injera Bread Recipe (From Scratch!)

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  1. I love my Ethiopians, always humble and encouraging when some body try’s to mimic our culture. After all sharing is what makes Ethiopians Ethiopians. Like the “Gursha” culture. Authentic or not, I am sure it’s yummy. Don’t forget to share it with someone! Enjoy:)

  2. Love when other nations love our food and this pretty similar! However, for the people who are beginners of the cuisine, just keep in mind that this is an international adaptation.
    Onions are normally slowly caramelised and though in modern days most use food processors to finely chop big volumes of onions, the texture plays an integral part in the dish, so maybe avoid completely puréing. There is also a succession in adding the ingredients, relevant to creating different stages in the cooking process where the ingredients have different processing times for the flavours to be released. Finally the meat is saturated in the stew through and through, rather than being covered by it.
    Nevertheless, this version is very close and looks more hassle free to make!

  3. Im Ethiopian born and raised and you just showed me a neat way to get around my hatred of onion chunks. I can only handle onions when theyre blended into a liquid paste. Thats why i usually make Tibs with just giant onion pieces (that i can later remove), olive oil, qhibe, cardamom and mitmita. It tastes great but I need to change it up.

  4. The berbere take a lot of time to make it not as easy as putting a bunch of spices to gather and blending it and wallah no it is a process that take almost few months and also it differs from person to person . Ethiopians most of them don't know how to make it


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