TOPURIA WANTS HOLLOWAY'S BMF BELT! Pantoja defeated O'Malley. Paddy Pimblett ON NEXT OPPONENT#UFC304

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TOPURIA WANTS HOLLOWAY'S BMF BELT! Pantoja defeated O'Malley. Paddy Pimblett ON NEXT OPPONENT#UFC304



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  1. Tiporia hasn’t done enough in the ufc to fight for the bmf belt in my opinion and you can’t be the bmf if you are turning down fights

  2. How is the lightweight division wide open? Last time I checked no-one recently has come even close to beating Islam…..get it right 🫡🇷🇺💪

  3. Hello Octagon Aces, your site would be better to watch if you showed a bigger screen. JUST A HEADS UP, the lettering is harder to read, but I still subscribed. GOOD LUCK.

  4. Touporia is going to be smashed by max i cant wait for uncle dana to tell him who he is going to fight he forgets he is under contract and he is danas product not only that max has been beating the best for years and illia touporia caught volk with a shot but hasnt beat anyone else

  5. Topuria is the champ I dislike the most in the history of UFC he thinks he chooses everything and wants to take zero risks with his belt, thinks the BMF belt goes to him if he fights max, someone get this dude out of here dude. Hate him…

  6. Colby did NOT break his foot in the 1st round vs Leon! He is lying again! He tried saying that and even put out a pic of the supposed X-ray of the break but got busted because it was a fake! Well it was a real X-ray but it wasn't from the Leon fight but from an older incident. The date the X-ray was taken was in the corner of the pic he put out on social media. Lol. What a lying Lil Dork!

  7. Ilia talking crap n denying all opponents is a bad look. Ilua should fight Max for Featherweight belt but NOT the B.M.F belt. BMF is a Specialty belt and Ilia doesn't deserve to fight for it yet. He talks mad crap n will fight any1 b4 he wins the belt but has denied every challenge since the win and wanted to fight for another belt right away? STFU and defend the Featherweight strap a few times b4 even mentioning another weightclass ffs. Sick of these guys

  8. Simple math, Max and Ilya both put up their belts….ilia is champion bit he just got the belt….if he's as good as he talks….take on anyone who challenges…..that simple.