American Eats IRAN!! RARE MiddleEastern Food Tour!! (Full Documentary)


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  1. Hi my friend i would like to invite you to my island of roatan. Its located in the Caribbean .it was once a part of the British empire. But now its a part of honduras. How ever i live in Boston..but you can let me know so we can travel together

  2. You both are going to be the best parents ever!!! I can’t wait to continue this beautiful journey with you no matter what it brings. When you have children yes everything changes and with every pregnancy things change! Each one is different…cravings…symptoms…your body..your lives I mean everything, but it’s the greatest outcome every time…remember to enjoy these last few months without children because you will never be the same…lots of love sent your way💛💛💛💛💛🇺🇸🥰

  3. The way The BEFRS team, from Will, aka "Sonny" all the way down the line shows respectfulness and clearly try to portray each culture properly is pretty awesome! You can see that he clearly wants to learn, loves what hes doing, and the production is second to none! I hope soon that he goes back overseas and they keep up the amazing work. I used to work for Anthony Bordain, and when he started the tv show traveling , and showing different cultures I fellin love with this style of media. Sonny isnt Anthony, but hes the 2.0 version with the production value being turned up to 11. Thank you for what you guys do!

  4. I cannot stop drooling I love your videos and completely jealous! Thankfully I’ve a very good middle eastern of all types here .. wish I was there tho I can smell the spices !! 😂😅

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