Raheem Morris discusses becoming the first African-American head coach for the Atlanta Falcons #nfl

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  1. I seen him get off the bus with those two good looking white girls! That's not a good start. Especially in the south! So he better win. 9 games the first year. That's a weak Division.

  2. your head coach Morris to me , a man who has coached many years in the league now lets win football games and garner so relevancy in the league. I've been hoping for a sustained culture of winning since 72. Lets go!!

  3. Look he was the best candidate. It because he’s black. I think having these convos makes it about that instead of the guys qualifications. Diversity hires are bs, hire whomever will do the job you need done the best and most efficiently. Just like the rest of America

  4. Brother let’s make history u bringing us our first Super Bowl this is a real movie 🎥 waiting happen got nothing but the up most respect for u if u get the job done or not four words. I know u will

  5. What’s more important than a black first accomplishment, is what happens after that accomplishment, when people don’t have to say “it’s the first time a black person was ___”. that’s how we get to true equality. when we are fr equal and don’t see race for race anymore but instead the quality of the person. Love this for Atlanta, go Falcons!


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