NEW Galaxy S24 (Samsung's Small Flagship)

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So this little phone right here is the Samsung Galaxy S24โ€ฆ regular. Just the S24, not the plus or the…



  1. does anyone know if an unlocked galaxy s24 will work on at&t? at&t has been SUPER strict on which phones are allowed on their network these years, they cut off service on my sony xperia saying "it's not 5g compatible" when it was working flawlessly for an entire year and they forced me to get an at&t phone ๐Ÿคฆ

  2. I recently received a new S24 (basic) as a replacement for a S21 plus under warranty. The first thing I found was that video recordings taken on the phone would not open in Windows 11 Media Player (or any other program). I eventually stumbled upon the default advance 'camera' video setting and changed it from HEVC to H.264 (most compatible). Problem solved. Not particularly happy with the quality. Galaxy S21 plus was much better.

  3. You should mention the specs of both variants of the S24 as some people might make an ill-informed purchase thinking they're getting the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and instead end up with an Exynos chipset.
    Unless of course your target audience is Americans only, in that case it's fine.

  4. In my opinion it basically is small any phone that is 4.7-6.2 inches is a small phone especially with thin bezels. But personally more a fan of a larger device anywhere from 6.8+ would love to see a 7.2/7.6 inch phone that'd be the sweet spot for me honestly.

  5. I believe I'm going to get this phone. I've had the one plus 8 5g since it's release,no problems and still looks brand new and my trade in value towards it is worth it

  6. The flat bezels is the one iPhone thing that I'm really happy that Samsung has moved with. Im not an iPhone fan by any means but I had an iPhone for a work phone at one point and the flat edges were very comfortable and it gave you more of an illusion of safety grip when holding it.

  7. I love how people call this a flag ship phone with AI. Itโ€™s not AI. Itโ€™s just new lame features really that should already be a thing like object removal. Howโ€™s bixby doing? Whatโ€™s Samsung messages up to? Howโ€™s the crashing of apps? The need to put everything to sleep in order to get a full day of battery then start missing notifications? Tell me you own a Samsung and have never had an app close on you and decide not to work? Google pay probably still sucks and doesnโ€™t work half the time. Samsung Pay really sucks and doesnโ€™t work everywhere. Why are the batteryโ€™s bigger and double the size of an iPhones but still struggle to get a day? Flag ship is a very loose term when it comes to Samsung and has been for a while. Samsung has already adopted a lot from Google but just not enough to be called flag ship.


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