Adding Reps is TOO HARD. Here's Why!

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  1. This was unbelievably helpful. I have become stagnant in increasing strength, but it didn’t seem right because I only started lifting again about 8 months ago, so I should still be getting quick progress. I’m looking forward to adding more weight today!

  2. This sounds like a mentality difference. Mike wants you to stick with the 405 consistently with discipline but no real incentive (like small gains in pr weight like 5lbs), whereas you provide a somewhat mentally more fulfilling alternative where the lifter can see those gradual incremental increases in weight to build up to the original weighf fod another rep.

  3. I think that what I am doing is progressive overload, although some of the comments are way too granular. I do my working weight at 5 reps for three sets, when I get to three sets of 8, I increase the weight but drop the reps back to 5 and start over. I’m 57 and so far, it’s slow and steady to avoid injury. However, I struggle each workout and feel like I don’t have any more reps to do, until I drop the weight and push out some lighter reps. Stay strong.

  4. I love how "dr" mike changed the rep ranges to try to almost discredit mentzer and try to make his own point 😅 6 reps failure is not the same as a 8 rep failure. Thats ALOT more then 10% of the lift, as what MIKE MENTZER said.

  5. I love it when guys like Dr Mike or Mike Mentzer give training tips when it barely matters at all because they are sauced to the GILLS. Every bodybuilder does things differently and it doesn’t matter at all because they’re taking so much gear everything works

  6. I agree. I have found in the past your muscles respond to the load, more load more growth plain and simple. The muscles don’t know your plan or routine. They just respond to the load you’re asking to move. I’m really enjoying your wisdom on this.

  7. Over training if your not going ul in reps or weight the next week your doing something wrong and the routine needs to be relooked at.. mike says it better then me but its true i add plates and reps each and every week because it feels light since following mikes plan

  8. Mike has proven his merits with his academic prowess. I know for a fact if you use his program every time you lift its always heavier than last time. Hell, some are 20% heavier for my self personally.

  9. I would emphasize training all the accessories muscles to gain more strength threw out the wk with heavy loaded squat ounce a month and 65-75% of your 3 rep max between your goals to max out with weight or reps what ever the goal is obviously! Accessory muscle groups are key for controlling the movement and less risk of injury! I could be wrong 😢

  10. Work = force * distance. Let's say when you squat it's 2 feet of. Vertical movement. So 405 * 2 is 810 ft lbs per rep.
    If you just add 5, and it's along for all 7 reps, you've done 5 * 2 * 7 = 70 ft lbs. So essentially the 5 lbs is less than 1/10th of the work needed that would be necessary to get that extra rep

  11. It depends on what exercise. If it's a high weight exercise like squat then adding weight can be better. But if you're trying to progress lateral raises, you don't add weight because it's just too hard.


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