E! VIP: Yvonne Nelson on having her daughter | Sneak Peek | February 5 | E! on Universal+

E! VIP is back for a brand-new season to grant exclusive insight into the lives and careers of the most notable and high-profile celebrities from across Africa. Don’t miss this week’s episode as the spotlight is on actor, model and presenter, Yvonne Nelson. E! delves into the life of this megastar, as she draws back the curtain on her life….



  1. She is slow as fuck she done told on herself again when she said love is a priority for her but kids. What type of a man that wants to kid with a woman that don’t want a healthy family too.

  2. She seem like a very misunderstood person who just want to be loved and respected. That’s not too much to ask. Unfortunately, the most fundamental aspect of what mean to be a human has become become foreign to many. I wish her the best… marriage not marriage she’s still a great human being.

  3. 😕 Awww when you listen and analyze, it sounds like she has experienced a lot of hurt in her journey of seeking love and companionship. You can also tell she has unresolved father relation issues on top of that. This mindset & perspective of hers seems to be birthed out of pain. You can also tell she has commitment issues (commitment in the area of marriage); this explains why she doesn’t see herself married but rather prefers to just have children with people who are “parent material” not husband material. Yvonne’s mother was a single parent as well. I hope she gets therapy. Not therapy so her mind changes regarding marriage but I hope she gets healing, at least. love you Yvonne! Such a strong go getter crushing it in the movie industry! 💕

  4. If you are a single woman pls don’t follow her advice; she has the money and influence to manage been a single mother. Do u want to fornicate for the rest of your life? Why will you give a man the most precious gift and not priorities marriage? No be juju be that? Which man will agree to marry u after knowing fully u have been dumb by your kid father? Their is life after death; what if u die a single mother fornicating around? Where will u end your eternity? A word is enough for d fool and non is required by d wise!

    Experience is the worst teacher because it give u the lesson b4 teaching you. Learn from her experience and avoid d mistake.


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