President Uhuru's full speech on the partial lockdown of four counties

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President Uhuru's full speech on the partial lockdown of four counties

President Uhuru’s full speech on the partial lockdown

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  1. Why people staying at home while no foot, rent and life is becoming harder and harder each day. Plz Mr. President do the necessary to help your people…
    And policemen/wemen are harassing the common mwananchi why…

  2. This is bad thoo, give Kenyans free masks, I don't understand how you guys are able to afford free tshirts for campaigns, and caps that are all over, and when it comes to masks, it's a issue, if we die, whom will you rule, am just being polite..

  3. It's a pity that police men some of them are beating the women,at market place when selling food so they can feed their children,,,,may Almighty God bless my country Kenya,,,,,,, Uhuru give our people food otherwise many will die of hungry not Corona.

  4. rich people brought covid 19 and now you talk of lock down without looking on how the poor will get daily food.poor people dont fly to outside kenya .so please all the money for BBI and roads projects and many many projects be suspended and help the lives of the poor .give every common mwananchi at least 50k to every registered citizen through mpesa .prezo monitor all what direct people to do .CRB WATU WANAFANYA NINI TO NOW?

  5. The whole world knows what covid 19 is,and they are helping their people,stop your addresses start planning on how Kenyans will sarvive ,lockdown without food on the table ? Towa pesa olipewa na UN for stimulus package for Kenyans !!

  6. Imagine all the corruption money we have lost could have gone to creating strong health systems in all counties, well paid doctors and nurses to mitigate brain drain and perenial strikes. Why we should go abroad to get treatement instead of gettting treatment in kenya by empowering our health system from manpower to well trained health workers to run machines that are laying idle due to no expertsie to run them.Creating local industries to make what we can easily make in kenya instead of importing. This is the time Uhuru should have a marshall plan to ensure kenya makes whatever we import locally from cars we need to stop importing cars and drive made in kenya to tooth picks which we have all the available materials like bamboo to even making medical products thats can be made in kenya. And of course food secuirty. why we import maize, wheat and rice is really alarming when these can be grown in kenya. stop corruption and waste in govt. reduce the number of mps and hire more doctors and nurses. your mp right now can not help you but your nurse and doctor can save your life

  7. The greatest challenge of a leader is to make a bold and courageous leap forward even if that leap is stepping on fire, to test whether it can be extinguished or if the step is to extinguish a ranging insurmountable and scary fire. And then convince constituents that fire will not harm, lead the followers and guide them to leap forward as well – in short make them have a deep understanding and conviction that they can surmount and survive their current situation.

  8. Lockdown Stay at home ni faida kwa raia. UK wame lockdown watu miloni 5 self employer hakunakitu wanapewa. Hapa sisi Kenya tunalalamika nani faida kwetu pls stay at home okoa maisha

  9. …..God kicked us out of His mosque's, churches,schools,offices and jailed by covid in our houses.
    Because of our actions, corruption appeared on land ,sea and air.
    Oh lord fill our heart with Patience and forgive us.

  10. Hii kingereza mingi Mimi Pana tambua, anasema Nini jameni?, Naskia tu covid,,,,,, heeehi hii Kenya nawachia Mungu tu. Tafadhali akimaliza hii kizungu mingi mnisadie kunitafsiria kwa kiswahili.

  11. Please help my parents with even one kg of unga , one kg of sugar, one of rice and may God bless you 0721933029 please please for me i can drink water but for them i can't hold my tears

  12. The lock down is okay to contain virus , but explain the issue of entertaining kenyans through music "what a joke" This is what is called stealing from public coffers in broad daylight, millions of kenyans now hawana salaries na income and some officers in state house decide we would rather listen to music worth 100 of millions and starve to death

  13. It's interesting how we Kenyans on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and even here on YouTube are saying they can't be locked down because they have no food on the table… If people begin to die the same govt trying to protect you will still be to blame for not doing enough. We have to swallow this bitter pill of the lockdown so that we can have a country still standing by the end of this year. When we come out of this, we then must examine the kind of country we want. Politics is why we have this problem. That and a shitty media that has taught the public to become civilly disobedient. We are at war. I can be hungry if it means my mom will live beyond this disease. It is time for us to be patriots. Do not complain. We can beat this but we have to have a united front.