DROWN IN TEARS (FULL MOVIE)|Mercy Kenneth, Ngozi Evuka, Cheche| A Tale of Love, Sins and Forgiveness

Welcome back to the Global Update Movies Nollywood channel! We’re thrilled to present the official full movie – ‘DROWN IN TEARS’ This new Nigerian drama movie from 2024 boasts a talented cast, featuring Mercy Kenneth, Kenneth Caleb, Ngozi Evuka, and Cheche. ‘DROWN IN TEARS’ tells a captivating Nollywood love story about Ekene, brought into her…



  1. Th😮is movie is a lesson to learn because no body knows tomorrow. Treat everybody as you wish to be treated. Lucky Mercy who later got married to a wealth young man. Thanks to everyone who perticipated in 😢this movie. They all played their roles nicely. 🎉Watchinhg from Washington DC.🎉

  2. What happened here 1:21:10 to 1:22:25 Mamma Ngozi looks as white as a ghost and where is her expensive weave-on ? From the side angle mamma looks like white powder 😅 was thrown on her face. Mamma Ngozi looking so scattered here , hair not even brushed.

  3. My wonderful friend Ngozi Evanka and Mercy are giving us all the best drama next to you wherever you are sitting and laying at home. Great Cast in this movie, my love to all In Nollywood from A Devoted Nollywood Nigerian Movie Fan from USA.❤️🇳🇬🎥👸🏽🏺💯👑🥬🏺🍠⚱️🛺🦒🧺🦁

  4. African women, please tell me: why are the most of you so wicked if the child is not yours. You loved to call God name, but you are wicked. WHY??????????????? Every child is a child of God. If you believed in God, why are the most of you so wicked. Especially with denying people to eat food. Like a Surinam black woman, i cann't understand this. In most of the movies you are mean with food.


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