Married women should not seek advice from single ladies -Christine Odhiambo on marrying a conductor

Married women should not seek advice from single ladies -Christine Odhiambo on marrying a conductor
Christine Odhiambo is a woman madly in love with her husband Moses Mwangi.
Despite the fact that she is older than him she says the 3 year age gap is not an issue.
Many people still question why a girl from a well-off family settled for a…



  1. ehh….her biggest weakness is that ….she has this image of a husband in her mind….that…she needs to adjust….and live her life…seems like she is putting more into the relation …".beba beba."…."jibebe"… "…but pls dont .."..beba blunder."….

  2. If there is trust in the first instance why would u need all the passwords and access to each others social media ??? This lady is a complete fool πŸ˜‚ she has money he walked away from her straight into another woman’s arms …… she begged him to come back πŸ˜‚ this relationship won’t last

  3. i love the prayer part, also the part about friends, especially single ones. However, i seem to think she is naΓ―ve and one woman who is contradicting herself. the reason being she claims she fully trusts that he is faithful yet claiming all his passwords. i think three years ni kidogo, let us follow up in ten years.

  4. Single mothers are also women and you never know what they went through caused them to single mothers but I personally I do say God will fulfill his purpose in their lives,my advice is that prayer for single mothers to be blessed but never see them in another way

  5. Wow I like this young lady about marriage, she really worked for it to work out, thats something recommedable, most of ladies could not have done like her they could have said they are rich and move on, but let me say most of the marriage today women are not submissive why because they have money, car, job, so wako vichwa kali I would like sometime back Lynn was having a lot of stress because of all the ladies claiming to be left but note that a
    Even them in one way or another they contributed to it, when you know a man that you love and care even if he is animal in one way or another he will see your good thing but when your mouth is like a radio my friend just know it can't work, am not saying all of them, no but mostly, good advice for this lady am in eighteen year of marriage and I believe men like marriages when they are given their part in the marriage, marriage is good and sweet because this is the only organise by God and its only for two people and the main aim is love, no other business as that title only marriage

  6. Life is too shot, enjoy your marriage, marred or single are all divisive. Infact married are worse than single. Just be careful of friends you share information about your marriage. God is merciful. Me too a woman told me to kick my husband out of the house because he did not have a job. Be careful

  7. Women in insecure relationships blame other women for their predicament. The man is alcoholic and they had a difficult relationship but somehow single women are the problem in this relationship!!!

  8. Apana leo lazima ni comment tu πŸ€”nimepitia comments za watu why another's people are jealous actually single ladies mnarusha maneno πŸ€”even me am single bt we should pray for others mama's marriages zilast ndo pia sisi one day God will bless us to get married bt is we are jealous en talk in bitter way even God he can't give answers our prayers please stop jealous na kurusha comments kali life is up en down

  9. It's does not matter whether u are married or not then you hate singles mothers like that everyone wants to hv husband's but on the other way or another we get ourselves in so many misunderstanding pls don't mistakes us like so God loves singles mothers and he cares about us.

  10. I cannot believe this story. How old is she, because she seems very naive. And dude let's the woman's mother decide for him to leave his job. Weak dude. She also doesn't know that some men have more than one phone, more than one FB account, etc? Ladies, don't go after these sort of men, let alone have a child with them. πŸ™„
    Off topic:I love her voice. Nice.

  11. Did you said three years???Na bado unaongea vibaya about single ladies…hehehehe you’ll join them’s to early for you to celebrate..I was married for 10yrs….utajua hujui

  12. Only 3 to 4 years and you are here boosting hummmm my dear I give you 6 years from now it's not about being single or married but pray for your home I am Married since 9 years now. A man is a man ooohhh he can surprise so live the present n leave all to GOD

  13. Bitterness kwa comment sectionπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”This lady is such a superwoman…., some of us here are hating on her because of the title, unaona title , mbio kwa comments, one doesnt even follow the full video, I thought she said Singles, not single mothers, she also said not all singles give wrong advices or rather solutions..lakini huku jina single ikisemwa, oooh single moms…she was also a single mom, at one point…anyway, lemme sip some water…Wish you well Tina, you're one in a million


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