What Is the Spiritual Root of GOLD?

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What Is the Spiritual Root of GOLD?

Why is gold so adored and coveted? What is the spiritual meaning of gold? What does gold symbolize in our world? Can we replace gold as the default value, a measuring tool for trade and interaction between people?

The price of gold is again rising and people are buying in all kinds of different forms. What is so special about gold that is a…



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  1. gold is leaving the planet and to be put on the next prison planet for us to accend to the heavans and we will manifest there …like how a radio and antenna work its our spirit that will follow the gold and brodcast there…..planet is dying only cause its gold conductor /antenna is altered in shape size so its electrical continuity changes aslo magnetic field can change…..egyptions were covered and burried in it to send us a message of its abbundance visible everywhere …..means that gold and humans can only exist together ….monatomic gold is its base metal removed and left with a white gold powderlike cocane but good for healing right to the blood stream …they fooled humans to trade gold which is our kryptonite for paper money and thats the wrong value ..Golds only value is to heal and the dollar value keeps us mining it till nonthing is left lol and mankind brakes his back to collect gold and trade it for paper …gold was here first then nature and life manifested …..big trees big plants lots of vegetation more oxygen …thats mother nature…then life next which was big plant eaters big fish big dinosars big carnavours …big humans and all because way more gold on earth then …gold had no money value at that time ..im sure copper and silver have there own stories also as universal healing metals ..Given to the winning olimpic athletes as a medal achived from health and streangth …….gold is life in us all its light its god

  2. Everyone that watches this video should concentrate on what is being said and meditate on it for at least an hour to REALLY digest and comprehend it. Just like a fine wine, the more time the more valuable it will become for you. Very deep – Thank you Rabbi

  3. Creatively gold holds a quality that reflects light, which is why it is/was used in sacred art and artifacts. The value was more spiritual in such cases, however as time passed the value became commodities, 'treasure' – of egoistic needs, as Rabbi Laitman points out. Essentially the reflection of Light is the most significant aspect, but we are also offered this in celestial bodies plus clouds and they cannot be (physically) stolen, nor melted down, refashioned, etc.

    Then we may consider the craft of goldsmiths, asking of the cultural benefits to humanity and of the paradoxical nature of gold.

  4. @Depoliticize Money it is not popularity contest rather performance contest especially to consciously solve world crisis created by egocentric world leaders around the world where No one is listening and afraid the centralized materialism system and the sooner the better to reconcile Heaven and Earth meaning Spiritual world and Real world by Depoliticize the Money, Depoliticize food and Depoliticize Power/Energy to avoid migration/refugee crisis even from the worse in history before Any Refugee agency establishment by saying to you the creator of universe is keeper of Life before you exist.

  5. Money in any form, even gold, is energy. It is a way for humans to store energy and trade it. It is human energy and can be traded for anything humans can create or do.