Under the ZYNfluence: Big Tobacco LOVES TikTok

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Under the ZYNfluence: Big Tobacco LOVES TikTok

Zyn, Influencers, and Tucker Carlson. Oh my!

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  1. I'm an elder millenial. My two vices are nicotine and weed, and I'm just fine with that. We all die, and i choose yo go out enjoying myself. Maybe someday I'll try to quit vaping.

  2. I tried one of these once, years ago when they first started getting advertised in stores. I've been a smoker for years and wanted to get off the cigs. I immediately got so sick from the massive amount of nicotine in them. I mean horrendously sick and almost passed out. They are as bad as cigs.

  3. Yeah cigarettes are bad so let's Make condensed nicotine oils and pouches instead… freaking stupid. Atleast with cigarettes your not going to overdose on nicotine easily cause you try chain smoking enough cigarettes to do so your going to get to a point where it's physically impossible to inhale first unless forced. Freaking people…. putting 10 or more pouches in there mouth at the same time… like seriously people die like that concentrating stuff

  4. This sounds like someone took dip pouches and turned them up to 11. We already know these dip pouches cause mouth cancer, and other horrible crap. I can't imagine anyone actually thought this was a better idea.

  5. Mason for president 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 This information is to disturbing! Big tobacco is absolutely evil. Thank you for posting this and please, do a video on the tradwives 😅🙏🏻

  6. As a nordic nicotine puch addict my biggest gripe with the whole zyn trend (except for the scummy influencers and all of that) is that zyn is literally the WORST brand out of all of the others on the market!!! They taste like absolute shit and they are dry as hell. Like??????

  7. I'm addicted to nicotine though I haven't had any since I was around 16 or so, it's been hell because I haven't had any access to it. At one point I tried nicotine gum but i dont think ive had zyn. I feel horrible for the CHILDREN getting addicted to nicotine because of zyn and other nicotine gums. I fucking HATE the tobacco industry, I wish nicotine is illegal in general and not only for over 21 (at least I the usa)

  8. 🤔 Adenoid Carcinoma was caused by chewing tobacco, used during baseball ⚾️ practice in high school by an X of mine. He got strep throat on a Vacation we were on to NYC, ruined the vacation but, saved his life. Because the swelling of the glands under his chin didn’t go away, he went to the Dr. & discovered it… His own doctor asked if he ever chewed tobacco & he 🙂‍↕️ all the Dr said was that was why. Immediate surgery & he’s a Paramedic today. It’s NO JOKE, you’ll never have to quit… what you don’t start. 🙏🏼

  9. So zyn is snus. Snus was popular in europe and south east asia before zyns really took off in america. All my friends abroad would be talking about snus and how bad they need it. And how simple and convenient the lil packets of snus were. To see that theyve took off here in america is just sad. It took 4 years for my friend to kick the nic. He went from cigs to vapes to snus back to vaping and cigs, and eventually kicked the habbit through vaping the way it was INTENDED which is titrating off of nicotine by getting weaker juice each time he ran out of juice.

  10. These will stop being fun really quick for people. Like heroin does. And you won't feel good you'll just keep putting them in your mouth so you feel normal again. Coming from a recovering addict I really don't think it's gonna go well for ppl

  11. It feels like thise fake clubbers of festival people whore hired by the company to promote whatever their promoting but a little tobacco upper lip pillow towards kids

  12. My friend got one of these from a cop. They had me try one and I've gotta say it was like a fleeting drunkenness. After words I was sick for the rest of the day. I'm not a fan of nicotine and this experience reinforced that. And finding out an entire city police station is doing these ON DUTY is pretty scary to think about.

  13. Wait didn’t they try to market something like this to millennials like, 15 years ago? Snuss or something?

    Also what’s-his-bucket sounds like he spends his free time listening to edits of letterkenny but just the hockey players

  14. I’ve told my friends that I feel bad for the people who put all that work into those stop smoking ads from our childhood bc they worked and then vapes came out. I feel like Zyn is the same thing with dip.

    Girls I went to high school with who would’ve never smoked a cigarette or done dip are now addicted to tobacco bc vapes and Zyn are “clean” or taste better and are trendy