Top 20 Most Evil Actors In Hollywood History

Top 20 Most Evil Actors In Hollywood History

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  1. WTF ?, Had to click this off, after soo many edits, i did't know when one actors story ended, and when the next began , The one that really takes the cake was about JAMES DEAN !!, Then in the middle of his "story " u put a photo up of PORN ACTOR JAMES DEEN !!, Who is the idiot posting this ? hilarious !

  2. EVERYONE and THEIR MOTHER KNOWS JOAN CRAWFORD WAS A PSYCHO!!!! And as far as the men like Errol Flynn and Frank Sinatra, PLEASE, they were LOW LIFES, but got by with a great deal because of who they were. Don't think it matters who they were now, huh?! Greta Garbo was accused of having SEX WITH HER SISTER!!!! Frank Sinatra was accused of having "MOB CONNECTIONS," and Mickey Rooney had a "NAPOLEON COMPLEX"!!!! NOTHING NEW HERE FOLKS, MOVE ALONG!!!!

  3. It's just amazing how Hollywood can Liz Taylor's sexual addiction from the public eye if she had been a man she would have been charged with sexual
    assault😊 Hollywood's biggest w** Liz Taylor


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