The West Thought A Global Pandemic Would Help Them Recolonize Africa #africandiasporanewschannel



  1. At 2020 I travelled to Africa and let me tell a lot of palm people were on those planes. Flights to Africa saved a lot of European Airlines as the planes were busy while they closed down the rest of the world. Africa is the Ark family.

  2. In 1974 ( 50 years ago) Professor Cheikh Anta Diop reconstructed world history as stated in UNESCO General History Of Africa, Vol.II pages 17,27,55 ( General conclusion). Therefore, no country on the planet should trust the Americans.

  3. You should just stop all that rubbish. Blaming white man, blaming government for your own demise, tell me are we Africans good for ourselves are aren’t black men hating and killing themselves more than any others. When we profit from selling our brother and sister to slavery and blame the white man for the deal. Africans, black man need to fix ourselves before blaming anyone….nonsense!!!


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