The only man who destroyed Mbappe🥶#shorts



  1. he didn't destroy hakimi hakimi just slipped because the ground was wet and let's not forget how hakimi tackled mbappe in the moroccan penalty area and took the ball away from him thus preventing a goal,amrabat also destroyed mbappe after amrabat caught up with the running mbappe and took the ball away from him

  2. Bro, the guy who made this video is dumb, Mbappe made the team to the FINALS against a very strong team and made it to the penalties. MBAPPE SCORED A HATTRIC IN THIS MATCH.

  3. Oh you mean the game where he scored a hat-trick?

    The game that Argentina only won because Messi had a stellar performance and scored 4 goals?

    The game where France were missing some key players?

    Oh yeah, Mbappe sucks.


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