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The Formula For Economic Growth | Intellections

Economic growth increases when more people work more productively. However, economic growth has slowed in the last decade, as increases in productivity and hours worked have fallen to fractions of their previous rates. Returning to rapid economic growth will require policies that encourage individuals to rejoin the workforce and businesses to…



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  1. We cannot expect to Increasing the number of hours without increasing workers wages. Cost of living is too high and from pychological perspective laborers will experience burn out. Let common sense prevail.

  2. The productivity decline can be attributed to offshoring to low cost labor centers. The amount of people over seas producing goods for slave level wages is in the 10s of millions.
    As those jobs went over seas, mostly men were effected, as manufacturing tends to be a male dominated space. So you see several million able bodied men not working, because industry left them, not because they left industry.

    If industry comes back and makes the investment and pays the wages, labor participation will come back. But the trust is shattered. In the 1940 – 1970s jobs for life were offered by many corporations, steel mills, auto plants, etc. They ripped that contract up in the 1980s and 90s. Trust needs to be re-established.

  3. The thing is, the economy is consumption driven, not investment driven. In fact, usually economic activity is pegged at about 70 consumption and 30 investment, and generally investors make investments into businesses if there are enough consumers for the goods or services that the businesses produces to make a profit. Virtually all individuals are consumers of goods and services, and most people pay for these things with money they earn at a job. Incomes of workers have stagnated since the 80s as a result of shifts in trade and business policies that no longer encouraged employers to pay workers based on economic growth like in the past. This also excludes the effects of automation where robots are increasingly doing the jobs once done by humans, usually better and for less then humans. Because of this, an increasing amount of people can't afford to be consumers beyond basic necessities.

  4. Great, more Koch Bros funded Rothbardian nonsense that infests my YT ad playlist….If anybody is being led here and has an open mind, please Google non-partisan studies on the effect that derivatives trading, tax cuts for the extraordinarily wealthy, and financial deregulation had on the 2009 global recession. Keep an open mind.

  5. perhaps the economy slowed down because, oh i dont know know, anear economic depression. please stop lying to people by telling them to get a job when only 1 out 20 people are unemployed and by telling themto work hard dispite the fact that we are already working our damn near hardest.

  6. Also remember there are trillions and trillions of idle cash because we in America at least incentive saving over production because the return on financial investment is so much higher then the return of production.