The fight for Africa's rhinos | DW Documentary

Poachers kill at least one rhino a day in South Africa. Their horns are in huge demand on the black market, and are worth more than gold. Anti-poaching squads are now increasingly better equipped: with night-vision equipment, drones and thermal imaging cameras.

Covering some 20,000 km2, Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves…



  1. Estes animais viveram por centenas de anos e estao sendo dizimados em decadas ,devido uma crenca sobre seus chifres.
    E' lamentavel que alguem coloque a sua esperanca de virilidade nesta crenca maldita.

  2. I know this was put out awhile ago but I think it's necessary to keep the information going. I used to really be against cutting off the rhinos horns. I now feel differently. I accept the fact that removing it saves its life. And it's sad but true. Looking at that rhino in a death format over a horn is really not a way to see any wild animal. This is a very sad thing. Unfortunately it's been going on a long time. Kudos to the teams and orgs for fighting for their lives. So dangerous. 😊

  3. Solution. 1. The death penalty for poachers who are caught on camera. 2. The death penalty for traffickers caught with horns. 3. Life in prison for Chinese traffickers caught in South Africa. THE END

  4. Boy is that so true that you can’t only protect the animals you have to help the people too. These poachers are not bad people they’re just trying to survive.

  5. Farming and selling rhino horn, as society do cows for milk in a sustainable way, is the ONLY way out of this predicament. I've worked in wildlife conservation at major universities, also in Namibia that has the most Black Rhinos, and I am sure that the WWF et al are WRONG: their overly-idealisitic principles of conservation are failing the ANIMALS…but preserving their Biologist jobs. Dont be fooled by self-given labels, no other profession says so many glamorous things about THEMSELVES as Biologists do, except maybe religions… Wildlife Biologists are working hard to preserve Wildlife Biologists from extinction, yet the animals continue to be decimated. We all care about the animals and think that giving Biologists money is helping the animals…in some way. But obviously it is not doing much. Very little Bang for the buck, if you catch my meaning, from a person employed at major Biology Departments.

    These guys in the video are the boots-on-the-ground people who ARE making the difference. Fund THEM. Not foolish Biologists who will tell you they are making an amazing difference yet do nothing but take lavish trips into the bush and waste money on their very very frivolous 'research'. This advice is coming from a university researcher.

  6. Protrack has come a long way since I was with them for training in 1996. back then you supplied all your own kit and got a rusty shotgun to take on a patrol…

  7. Respect to the Rangers, putting their lives at risk and spending 21 days straight in the bush. Hell I wouldn't last 5 minutes. Well done guys , you're ALL heroes in my opinion

  8. Its all very aad. Where’s there’s $ to be made desperate unscrupulous men will exploit & do anything for $ in reality only non corrupt governments & non profit agencies who care can stop illegal poaching & destruction of wildlife but common people can help by turning then in & help save the animals for future generations

  9. 28 then the 1st step must be to crack down on corruption and the trafficking plus educate and make regulations with strict punishments for the kingpins as well as individual consumers in Asia. Especially teaching the youth there about the reality, suffering of both the rihno….babies left behind and the ignorance and poverty of poachers. So they can inform their relatives looking for "medicine" in ketatine…hopefully young Chinese children can then say don't waste your money on this snake oil bs, only leading to destruction, bite your own nails or take a few strands of hair if you really think ketatine will cure you. This would also help the poor Pangolins, one of the least known but most trafficked animals, who have been on our planet for approx 80 million years but now are on the brink…and receiving much less attention and help in comparison to the rhino. The pangolin needs help now…and wildlife trafficking MUST STOP. The planet and animals do not belong to us, are not for us to exploit, they have just as much right to life as we do on our planet.

  10. 19.30 agree; we can't sell de horned rhino horn. We must instead 1 help neighbouring communities value their wildlife and habitat and find ways for them to participate and gain from protecting these (view them as assets, for adults). 2 in education teach about how wildlife/habit/ecosystems are vital for our survival and thus has much more worth than just money…to respect their part and right to life and respect them. And show how they can grow and live in balance with nature. If the youth learn this they will not see animals as "theirs" to exploit but ours to protect. 3 educate the Asian market about KETATINE and that 1 no you can't collect the horn and thr animal survive, quite a lot were asked and thought the horns were "harvested" and couldn't imagine the rhino are brutally killed for it. For those to old or ignorant to change views sell them "pretend" horn made from glued horse hair and after "treatment" show them or keep using the dye that 1 makes horns dis-colured, 2 traceable 3 consumers vomit n nauseous….serves them well as a lesson.

    Finally, is it not possible to install a lot of hidden night vision cameras to "find out" who the poachers are?

    With more education in schools I also think the young generation will put pressures and shame older or more ignorant people, it is their future that they are destroying.

    To all that work to save these amazing animals and all animals and wild habitat 👏 and all the best 🙏 we need you, the world needs you 🍀

  11. If Rhino horn can be harmlessly cut from an animal every 2 years, then why not harvest them in a legal and sustainable way? The proceeds could go to conservation.

  12. Would have been nice to be able to donate just a portion of the 85 billion dollars in equipment and buy it and left in Afghanistan!
    85,000 guns and over a million rounds of ammo on top of all the other large equipment. Cuz you imagine these guys having a Blackhawk helicopter a really nice 6×6, or a fleet of fully armored Humvees?
    I'd like to see these guys use infrared drone technology to identify the poachers. You know damn well the poachers are using it just like the cartel in Mexico!

  13. I dont think i have eve experienced so many different emotions in one half hor. Sadness, amger, disgust, wondermeant, hope and dispare. But the one question I'm left wondering, have we tried legalizing farming of rhinos for hatvest of their horn? It says the grow back, it says it can me done painlessly, there is market demand, couldn't legalization help get these neighborhoods out of poverty?


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