Taylor Swift Praises Trevor Noah Backstage At 2024 Grammys

After Taylor Swift praised Trevor Noah on his hosting of the 2024 Grammys, Graeme O’Neil takes a look at what Trevor had to say before hosting music’s biggest night for the fourth time.



  1. I heard from somewhere that they counted the number of SECONDS Taylor Swift was shown on screen during a football game and it was something like 54 seconds. She is hardly the only celebrity being cut to in sports events. If you think 54 seconds is "a lot" and interferes watching the game, I think you take football more seriously than I do.

  2. I know everyone says that celebrities should take a joke but they come to awards shows to be appreciated, not busted on like the paparazzi or their haters do to them all the time. We can see all the negativity about any celebrity any time we want. I came to watch celebrities dress up, win awards, perform & build each other up just the way their work boosts us up. Trevor did a great job showing how the industry should praise those getting the awards & celebrate everyone’s work that gives back to us. Otherwise it’s cringy & uncomfortable to have them come get awards while making fun of them. It’s not a celebrity roast, it’s an awards show.

  3. It's not that Jo Koy's joke about Taylor was offensive, it was that it wasn't funny. I'm usually a fan of Jo Koy's but he wasn't funny that night and you could tell all the jokes were just lame things people think of when they think of that star. It would help if you people stopped defending it like she's being uptight. Leo stopped laughing at the jokes about the age of his girlfirends years ago but the jokes remain unfunny and no one calls him a bad sport about it. Saying the most obvious thing about someone or something everyone has said is just low hanging fruit at best and parroting at worst.

  4. Trevor Noah, understands what it is to be a Human Being, and he represents all people because he comes from both sides of the track. He understands what it is to be Black/and White.

    He loves People and we Love him.

    May he always be blessed and protected. A Great humanitarian.

    Glad he’s one of my many Nephews.

  5. This Super Bowl broke all viewing records — the most-watched telecast in history . All due respect to Patrick Mahomes' mom 🙂 but all the "new" fans" (with their credit cards and spending money) were happy to have some extra shots of Swift and her celebrity filled booth. This was a calculated business move. It's about money.

  6. It has been measured by some US news outlets that TS was shown only for 17 to 34 seconds in almost 4 hours broadcast for the games she attended. They never showed her while the game was happening but after a play happened. So these intolerant ppl that can't take 5 seconds of TS or any other celebrity have to learn from NBA fans who are totally unbothered by celebrities at their games.

  7. Hey O’Neal! 😂
    You spent a bit too much intensity complaining about Taylor shouldn’t complain hu! Look man, you’re starting to sound like a Chad and even tho it’s your channel, this doesn’t go well with that ET image you had
    Oh and BTW, you can easily google to get the facts about the ACTUAL time, Taylor’s sweet face was shown in all games combined or, individually if you chose to. There are smart people out there who made the numbers easy to spot for not so bight Chads out there who love to complain about women they could NOT even breath the same air around in this lifetime. 🫰🏼😌

  8. Trevor was fantastic. The guy at the Golden Globes just wasn’t very good. I didn’t know who he was before and I was shocked. Not that he mentioned anyone in particular but that it was just bad.

  9. Trevor Noah is probably the best Comedian & host in the whole world.
    He’s considerate, absolutely hilarious, Kind, and I think he has a joke ready for every situation. He’s highly intelligent and so incredibly talented, it’s no wonder his stand up specials on Netflix have such high ratings

  10. Trevor did an amazing job. The issues with Taylor is that the NFL has used HER. She’s not asking them to promote her or any project she is part of. They have chosen to show her and exhaust the viewers but only because it was making them money. She was just there to support her boyfriend. She has a thick skin but the jokes get old after awhile, and Jo Koy’s joke just fell flat. But because Taylor didn’t laugh the blame gets out on her, once again…..

  11. It wasnt an insult in any way but the fact of the matter is, white American woman are sensitive and try to take issue and find victimhood wherever and whenever they can. The most protected class of people in the country and cant take a joke. Seriously get over yourselves.

  12. I really don't understand your stance here Why did you say he had to tell jokes that were complimentary Those are the types of jokes he should be telling because this show is supposed to be celebrating everyone in that room why would you wanna tell a joke that tears them down Tearing someone down is not funny never has been never will be


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