Robelis Despaigne wins debut with 18-SECOND KO on UFC 299 prelims | ESPN MMA

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Robelis Despaigne wins debut with 18-SECOND KO on UFC 299 prelims | ESPN MMA

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Watch Robelis Despaigne win his Octagon debut by knocking out Josh Parisian in 18 seconds on the UFC 299 prelims in Miami.

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  1. His decision to get up how he did was a bad decision, but he got away with it. On the other hand, his ability to get back to his feet like that is impressive for a man that big.

  2. His first pro mma match went the full five minutes almost, he finished the guy with 08 seconds left. If he can go a full five in his first fight, im sure against an ex pro athlete like this new challenger, we could most likely see a round 2, assuming this sports character guy has the IQ to stay defensive. Truth be told he needs to pull guard the entire fight and find a submission. Will despains footwork allow the other guy to get close enough to take him down? Most likely not. A takedown attempt would likely bring a finish. Pulling guard and hoping despain takes the bait into ground mode, even trying to stand over and punch, would work better for the née opponent of despain. What we EXPECT and THINK will happen, is that homeboy will want to try and strike with despain, and therefore we will get to see despain, a beginner in MMA , striking with a beginner in MMA who has some God gifted ability, including toughness potentially. We will get to see just how accurate despain can be against a fellow athlete. If he is precise enough to catch the chin, he will most likely finish this guy. Despain seems to know just how to counter fists well. Almost roy jones esque so far with his swivel and punch counter. This will be an extremely exciting matchup and i am eager to see if despain can manage to finish him with his hands early. He clearly likes to kick also.

  3. I think he's ready for the annual "Marketable Newcomer vs. a washed-up Andre 'the sacrificial lamb' Arlovski" fight.

    Can't wait to hear Dana talk about how he has the wingspan of an albatross while hitting harder than '98 Dodge Caravan going 70 mph in a School Zone.

  4. so many haters in the comment section. Not because of the negativity, everyone has an opinion and it should be respect it..but it's the way is wrote it, you can tell its just hate..why? we can do better