Orengo pleads with Senators to allow Waiguru's impeachment motion to proceed without hitches

Siaya Senator James Orengo pleads with Senators to allow Waiguru’s impeachment motion to proceed without hitches




  1. We're tired of you Orengo. Simply go home, you lot are a total shame. A total let down to Kenyans. Shame on you lot. Senate is useless. Close it down. Not point of parliament and Senate both are dead. Talk to yourself 'Achilo Awako'…

  2. It's unfortunate, it's so sad to hear these wananguruwe talk carelessly.
    Especially for Orengo. ..he used to be a revolutionary and a constitutional genius but he has been reduced to a mere BBI mouthpiece and a slave of the dynasties. SHAME ON ME FOR HAVING VOTED FOR HIM.

  3. KIRINYAGA people your fate is sealed,what do you expect from these senators who are in comittee,BETH MUGO,KAJWANG,MADZAYO ,NOMINATED KWAMBOKA,JUDY PARENO,MALALA….Iyo story is sealed from capital hill,RAILA OFFICE

  4. That's baba's mouthpiece the baba who's hiding behind the scenes cheating us that he's been fighting corruption. Fake fighter.he's been saying Ruto is a thief yet he himself is a greatest thief inside kanzu

  5. When was the last time Jimmy went back to Siaya? I am sure he no longer even knows the direction. Orengo and Raila have now graduated from 'election theft victims' to becoming defenders of thieves and corruption. They should be very ashamed of themselves.


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