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  1. Pako, I still remember how your footballer Ordatey Lantey used Nigerian passport to go to Belgium for his professional career with the help of Late Steven Kechi, Ghanaian don't seem to appreciate. They want to compare themselves with Nigeria, which is not too good. There are many untold story of Nigerians helping fellow Africans make it out there.

  2. Ghana 🇬🇭👌miss something that Nigeria is enjoy when Ghanaian🇬🇭 started realizing that Nigeria🇳🇬 be long to them then will go to Nigeria🇳🇬 and learn about Nigeria culture 🇳🇬 isn't a shame to go other African and lean Nigeria travel go anywhere in the world just to learn that's reason why they're unique 🇳🇬👌👌

  3. Not every one in Nigeria is accommodating or African conscious. Nigerians are also tribalistic, it is one particular tribe, I believe is the Ibos who love to support and embrace other Africans no matter who they are. Others are competitive, suspicious and racist. Read the news bra, to get more information on this, it's all online. Nigeria no be heaven.

  4. I love my ghanaian brothers honestly
    Even since I came to the UK
    We always hang out together, they feel comfortable around us and we love them as well, cause they're really peaceful people TBH!

  5. Am a Nigerian living in America, I meet a Ghanaian in my city who was having difficulties in a lot of areas living here in America; I took it upon myself and helped him because I see him as my brother. I tell people that he is my brother and they call him my brother irrespective of the fact that we come from different countries but Ghana and naija we are one. Am still helping him till date and I love him as a brother. Ghanaians love your African brothers we are one…

  6. Pako I must also say this in relation to what you said about Ghanaian taking the bread off their brother. There was a YouTube video about some black guy in Dubai sometimes last year who ran into trouble with the authority. A Nigerian guy among them, stood up and covered for the rest of them and was able to hold his ground. But a Ghanaian brother went behind and exposed the rest of them. According to the Cameroon guy that told the story, they were all deported, including the Ghanaian snitch. Just imagine that the Nigerian was willing to be deported while the rest of them be free but the Ghanaian felt if he snitch on the Naija guy, he himself will be off the hook.

  7. I keep saying it, in spite of the Ghanaian's hate and jealousy, Naija and Ghana are the most closely related countries in Africa if not the world. We love Ghana but I wish they can drop the hate and stop the"bring him down syndrome" that is so deep in their system

  8. We Nigerians are accommodating, especially when we know you are new. We will make you feel at home; it’s part of our culture. I remember back in primary school, my teacher was a Ghanaian, and at some point he had accommodation issues. I heard him mention it to my headmaster, who was also a Ghanaian. I told my dad when I got home. Dad followed me to school the second day, and we offered him the whole of our downstairs as we stayed upstairs. He lived in our house, we ate together, and he became my paid lesson teacher till he went back to Ghana. I remember that my dad will always hype him by calling his full name, "Mr. Francis Ransford Kwadjo Afutu," and he will laugh endlessly.

  9. Ghanians should know that we, Nigerians, Got their back! Yes we had issues together in 1970's But guess what even siblings have issues among themselves! Ghanians should understand that we are one family and we will always be there for them!

  10. Well said, my brother! You're right on point about human character. It doesn't matter where someone's from, if their upbringing was inadequate. I've met a few Ghanaians out here in the states, and they left me questioning if they are truly Africans. The ones I met were selfish, arrogant, and above all, hateful. Those qualities are un-African. As an African overseas, your first instinct is to help another African in need. Not so with Ghanaians. They seem to feel inadequate and angry. They don't have the spirit of generosity, just for the sake of being generous. They hold tight to every little penny, not knowing that if they open their hands and give away that penny, more would come into their hands. It's a mindset that they possess that limits their ability to grow. I find that very unfortunate and thought it was important to share that with you. I totally understand what your saying, because it's not aimed at denigrating folks, but as a constructive criticism. Very bold move my man. Much love 💕!

  11. Personally having dealt with some Ghanians I can say there are pleasant ppl amongst y'all…one of my area baby sis here in the US is a Ghanian and I love that girl with all my chest ..yes she has that Ghanian sluggishness and lack of ambition but she's like a Nigerian when it comes to communality ..on the other hand there was this other lady I worked with she's the typical online Ghanian lazy, vindictive, unecessarily jealous of other ppl and all round bad belle ,she's so bad that even our white coworkers said she's always careful whenever Nana is assigned to her …I say this to say there are good and bad in every country we just need to treat ppl the way they treat you …

  12. You ghanaians when will stop to compered yourself with Nigerians, i don't think their is a day in the life of any ghanaians both their leaders and the common man on the street will not speak or mention the name Nigérians, if there is a day like that in their life is a sick day to them.

  13. I know a Ghanaians, who is kind o.. though he is not base in ghana sha….
    He base outside….

  14. @Dj pakohrich, you are one of Ghanaians problems, putting out more Nigerian songs on your channel than Ghanaians songs, I don't think you have any moral rights to talk about this issue or subject. You do more of Nigerian songs because you feel you can get alot of views and followers on your channel and it's a shame on you.

  15. Do these people even know the struggle of Nigerian artists that are praying to be heard in Nigeria let alone in other countries? They should know Nigeria got talents in a lot of all ramifications yet struggles and someone not from Nigeria will be angry at us for not helping.

  16. Welcome back bro.. was wondering where you been.. glad u back.. we naija people will always help regardless of which country u from.. it's gives joy to help ur fellow African especially Ghanaians..

  17. A lot of Ghanaians have a complex of it must be only one person (or one country) at all cost. As Nigerians, we look at it like "I chop, you chop". Which is why of course a Nigerian would have NO problem putting on a Ghanaian talk less of a fellow Nigerian. Ghana too like to drag for no reason, but it limits goodwill. So no surprise the effect shows even between Ghanaians THEMSELVES… comment after comment Ghana stars are saying the same thing. Me I just tire sef. 🥱😁