Moms Teach Their Sons How To Raise Children

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  1. Kids learn best through observation. They mirror the behavior they see. It is not always over or under nurturing, but they make a very genuine judgements of how they observe you being treated. Even when you think they don't see, they see. ESPECIALLY if they witness their father disrespecting you. Many have bad relationships with their mother because they are mirroring disrespect.

  2. I agree with what you said but at the end of the day you cannot control what adult children do they are still gonna do what they want to do they can still be a shitty human being and thinking that it is okay to still disrespect women and children.

  3. One hundred percent true. Also, we as women set an example by the men we date as a single women. Children daughters and sons learn by watching our relationships. However, you can teach and lead. But, at the end of the day. Adults make their decisions.

  4. What's missing in this discussion is that Boys learn how to treat Women from how their Mothers treat their Fathers and vice versa.

    So if a Mother constantly dogs the father around the Son, then he will grow up believing all the negative stereotypes she taught him about his Gender.

    So it's the relationship and maturity between the 2 parents that has the greatest impact, not the relationship of one parent, which is missing frim your conversation.

    Children don't learn in the vacuum of one parent, even if one parent is absent he's learning from that too!

    Parenting is either positive or negative reinforcement of a child's behavior and having a strong enough bond for that child to respect and honor your guidance.

    In my case, my mother constantly verbally abused and disrespected my father, but she did not raise me – my great grandmother did and she taught me respect for my elders, women, and authority figures.

  5. God knew I needed this today 🙏 I have been struggling since my husband passed away and I feel like I’ve emotionally checked out. But my 7 year old son has been acting out and he really needs me to be more present and focused on him. I started by calling him a genius before school each day, he’s already doing so much better in class. In just those few days. I tell him that I will always be proud of him no matter what, and that he should never compare himself to anyone else because we are all going through something different. I said he’s a genius and soo smart that the teacher would be shocked when he showed off with his mind and not his behavior. We are working on it.

  6. If you are teaching him to be respectful to women and children to the best of your ability and he does the opposite it is not your fault. You can't control what your adult son does. Be proud of yourself for doing your part as a parent and pray 🙏🏽 that he'll have a good heart . Sometimes people get involved with the wrong friends and follow no matter the age.

  7. 100% Moms can only teach what they have learned along their journey, we give them tools and our children go out and build their lives. Whilst here we still oversee the building and assist were possible. Turning a blind eye, or being in denial is not the way forward. The balance is a working progress.

  8. Um ill add this perspective that human is another person so I'm not saying don't teach but remember they are different from you and can turn out to not take in anything you taught thats not a failing on your part as parent you could have just had person who is different from u in every way dassit

  9. It’s his father’s job as well. Just because you teach your children right from wrong doesn’t mean they will do right. At the end of the day it your sons responsibility to be a decent human being. There are a lot of men that have had good parents and parenting setting behind bars. I will never blame my children mistake in life on myself period. All these women out here on only fans is because of bad parenting or wrong decisions?


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