Mbeki slams MK Party and his successor Jacob Zuma

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Mbeki slams MK Party and his successor Jacob Zuma

Former ANC President Thabo Mbeki has lambasted the uMkhonto weSizwe Party and his successor Jacob Zuma for saying that he is still an ANC member, but campaigning for the newly formed MK party.
Mbeki also commented on the DA’s letter requesting the United States and other Western countries to observe Elections in South Africa .
Speaking to SABC…



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  1. Numbers are not adding up on the Zuma issue.He slipped up and said JZ.He simply said nothing except to say JZ has defined himself outside the ANC.He knows more than he's telling 🤞

  2. My assumptions is this is how the communist propaganda works.If you see the news about Russian and Chinese influence in South Africa.Formation new parties will break the democracy of1994..You see on the news what they are doing

  3. very poor from the interviewer, should have asked this chameleon what he makes of his own assertions that he wouldn't campaign for the ANC. this guy thinks he is the best thing to ever happen to RSA

  4. This is the last kick of a dying horse. Let see the crowd you are going to pull when campaigning for the ANC. The ANC is dead Mr. President, just accept it. 😮

  5. Mr President Mbeki you failed to talk about the Genocide that is happening in DR Congo instigated by Paul Kagane the same folk that is inviting you to a controversial genocide celebration. the genocide that happened in Rwanda it lack of truth and honestly.

  6. Wena uguga kabi shame , uwudeli wahlulwa kabuhlungu e Polokwane Conference uBab Nxamalala ,..Cope founder Thabo Mbeki with 1,8000000 million members Currently,,,,,,,MK party founder Jacob Zuma 9000000 million more members currently Viva 💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤

  7. Of course the DA has trust issues & so does the majority of South Africans that's why you see none whites voting VF +, you see ANC declining in votes, etc… You think the DA ever not had trust issues?

  8. Thabo Mbeki yena MUST GO to the graves of all South Africans who died of HIV/ AIDS during his time as the President. He was stubborn regarding the relationship between HIV and AIDS, and therefore refused to take ACTION. He must not be listened by anyone . He told South Africans that he will not campaign for the ANC. What makes him to change his mind? Wish ANC GETS less than 39% during the ELECTIONS to shame Thabo Mbeki. ANC MUST NOT GET ANY HIGHER % TO KEEP IT ALIVE. It must go down to 29%.

  9. The black people voting for the DA should wake up I mean that organisation is not even trying to hide their white supremacy ideology in their effort to undermine the sovereignty of this country in the hopes that the western world will come to intervene in our affairs and help them win the election. Be careful of the DA

  10. People abavisisi bazehlela nje Mbeki akazange aforme icope icope yakho nglikota bengafuna uzuma zibuzeni bukutheni asazi yena akasonto necope sibuye MVA buzani Zuma Malema ngabo bacithacitha inkululeko Mandela no
    Izinto zahamba Kahle E
    Emva 2term zaqala inkinga still ngoku

  11. Hey Than I, under which presidency did the corruption take off with the arms deal and 300 000+ people died because of the presidents ego and foolishness. Oh right, it was YOU! Blood on your hands and the leader of corruption. Disgusting little man.

  12. Mbeki want to rule from the grave he out forever, he's one of those who said Zuma sold the country but never go to Zondo and give evidence he is driven by hate since he lost from Zuma he never recovered.

  13. The entire Africa is in economic collapse because its leaders fail to govern well. What is different from the ANC, EFF , IFP etc. I tell you what its due to the poor education of its people.