Lagos: Vibrant City in Nigeria | Must-sees in One of Africa's Most Exciting Cities with @TayoAinaFilms

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Lagos: Vibrant City in Nigeria | Must-sees in One of Africa's Most Exciting Cities with @TayoAinaFilms

Join African Youtuber Tayo Aina on his tour through Lagos, the metropolitan capital in Nigeria’s southwest! Tayo takes you along to a market with art from many different parts of Africa, and shows you the continent’s highest canopy pathway – which offers amazing views of animals and plants, as well as the region’s most beautiful beach….



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  1. I want to visit Lagos. Nigeria has been my favorite country since childhood but everyone is making me afraid,” they are saying I shouldn’t go because Lagos is bad place “.

  2. African cities and nations are so much more complex and fascinating than many people around the world know. When I served in the Navy, there were many other Sailors I met from places like Lagos and Accra, and it was a privilege to hear their stories about how difficult life was back home, but how they still miss the places where they grew up. African perspectives deserve to be heard all over the world.

  3. What a wonderful video. I appreciate the places and subjects that you featured. The Slavery segment was very hard to watch. I am so proud and happy that Nigerians of today rightfully have their lives in their own hands.

  4. Just one correction that needs to be made, and that is people are not born slaves! Why then are you calling the people who where enslaved “slaves”?
    The term to use is “Enslaved “. There is a vast difference. It is placing the act of slavery where it must be placed…at the feet of the most evil people since creation.
    The word enslaved points the finger at those people and countries responsible for slavery. They are still benefiting from their fore parents plundering/ looting and killed of a people for their own selfish gains. The spoils are still displayed in their museums, which by the way they refuse to give back.
    So let’s be sure to use the correct term when you speak about the victims of slavery – Enslaved people.

  5. 😍 Thank you very much for sharing this amazing Beautiful video from Nigeria 🇳🇬, I love ❤ Nigeria I love ❤ MAMA AFRIKA.
    I think we are all Afrikans (Alkebulans), no matter where we come from Afrika we are all Brothers and Sisters, not Foreigners to Ourselves.
    We love ❤ you Bro may almighty God bless you every day in all your doing 🙏 ❤.

  6. Thank you very much Tayo. This is the first time I got to see my birth place where my family literally started. You're right, it was a bitter/sweet experience for me to watch. I've always felt like a outsider in America. Now I know why. Thanks for the education.