‘Israel committing war crime after war crime in broad daylight’: Australian senator

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has demanded “full accountability” over the killing of Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom in Gaza.
But Mehreen Faruqi, Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and a senator for New South Wales told Al Jazeera the Australian government has not done enough to criticise Israel’s war on…



  1. Its been outrage from Albanese today and a call for an enquiry and accountability. Thats all Albanese will do, same green lighting on genocide, mass starvation, apartheid, blockade, occupation, illegal settlements, arbitary arrests etc etc

  2. World Central Kitchen had communicated with Israel who they were, what they were doing, where they were going, and when. Israel knew that these were aid workers and Israel killed them anyway.
    So, was it intentional? Were they trying to make it too dangerous for humanitarians to feed starving civilians? Did they want to scare other humanitarians away from sending aid? Is this part of their coordinated attempt to eliminate Palestinian civilians?
    Or was this an accident, further evidence that Israel is indiscriminately killing anything that moves in Gaza?

  3. Are these continuing strikes on aid workers the actions of an army that is winning its war ? Did they do this for fun ? Any investigation by israel will be lies lies lies. This is how they treat their allies ??

  4. If the blood of women and children is not forbidden for the terrorist Zionist entity then how can anyone be surprised at them killing aid workers?.
    Are we not talking about the same despicable entity that killed its own people in cold blood while they were holding white flags?.

  5. Australia has such a big double standard. Bro a lebanese Asutarlian guy was killed by Israhell and he said nothing. On his wedding day! This white australian (bless her soul i pray for her) dies and he starts to ask for investigations. So sad.

    As usual though, too little too late.

  6. I am astonished that Albanese, who as a younger politician supported the Palestinian right to self determination and freedom from the expansionist Israeli regime, has become what he once despised. Strange how once leadership is achieved, all principles are thrown away.


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