I caught him watching dirty videos with another man | Tuko TV

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I caught him watching dirty videos with another man | Tuko TV

Monica Wambui came to us seeking to speak what was in her mind. She said that if she knew what her marriage would be she wouldn’t have gotten into it…we get to hear the response of the man too as she speaks about her experience for the first time on this episode of Tuko Talks…

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  1. What message do you have for Monica? You can reach her through her number +254 722 559974.

    To share your story with us, send a message on WhatsApp tuko video team on 0115106407.
    Email yvonne.kawira@tuko.co.ke or eucabeth.mukami@tuko.co.ke.

  2. Why are you crying 🤔🤔wakati umeodolewa gay narcissist abusive man in your life 🤔 let that bitch go report this case to police station Incase of anything Ako na case ya kujibu 😏😏 mi huezi nitishia my ex was demon nili m face adi akawachana na Mimi na mtoi wake anamwangalia usiulize kwanini amesahau kwenye mmetoka nani alikuabia wanaume hukumbuka jilelee watoto acha kuleta huyo mwanamme kwa social media unaonyesha uko desperate ..wee omba God atakusaidia WAnawake wamejaa huku inje wanalea watoto wao solo eeeii 🙄🙄🙄 don't give that bitch chance ya kulea mtoi ata molest mtoi 😒😒😒😒 atafanya mtoto kama yeye

  3. Shit happens you move from the fire to the frying pan. Poverty can make you take our own flesh and blood to the mouth of the Lion . But this story has many sides to it. But moving from one marriage to another is never a solution and its always good to heed to the caution that people give you

  4. One thing is evident this man was so comfortable doing ol this to u ,,, he had understood u were vulnerable frm the experience i have with a gay he will never ask his wife for anal sex not unless anakudharau

  5. Ati huwezi face watoto uwabie??!.you are funny.unaudhi pia.
    As a parent ni jukumu lako to fight for your innocent kids.what if he molest them?!.huyo hata si mtu wakuuliza kama amesahau pale mmetoka?!.

  6. Monica we all feel so sad what you been through with that monster. It's a shame you fled away from your first husband into the hands of that devil and I wonder is it karma on your side for dumping your ex husband !? Monica you then willingly dumped your third born to that monster knowingly he was behaving weird was a wrong move and honestly will not win this. It's the biggest mistake one which you'll forever be judged with sadly to say Monica.😮😢

  7. This story has so much more not told…To me,this lady is a trouble maker and materialistic.Why did she leave the first good husband?Why did she so quickly and recklessly accept another man to come to her house na hajamjua vizuri?Why ignore all the glaring red flags??Why give the gay man the kids knowing very well he is gay then?Why not report the guy to police for threats as well as seek Fida support to reclaim the kid custody and yet,anasikika ni mtu amesoma?To me,you are not what you are depicting here.Am sure if the husbands is given better audience,she would be left too much exposed.Anywhose,karma doesnt forget her address!

  8. First red flag ni kuitisha fare akatae after ashatuma na ukakula 2times minimum ni 3times ladies akileta Feelings eti umetuma 2times na haujaenda please that’s not your mpoa ✌️

  9. I feel for the first husband, men go through alot and they bottle up , i feel the pain he is going through if will watch this , i hope he found someone who truly cared

  10. She left her first marriage with no reason at a young age , my question to her is this, where did she gather courage from to
    Move out of a good marriage to go to the streets with kids honestly??? Sometimes women are our own problems!! Just move on gal!

  11. Someone told me kuna watu wako na bad energy, the more you sleep with them, wewe unateseka wao maisha Yao yakiwa Poa, it's good this woman alitoka, Sasa maisha yake yatarudi normal

  12. Pale, " MWANZO" ulipo gundua mume ni shoga UNGE TOKA…hawa walanisi hawana mipaka wala nidham. Watoto wako wako hatarini. Usi ache wawe na huyo mlanisi hata sekunde!!!…chukua mtoto wako, mtoe kwa huyo mume hayawani kabla hajam lawiti!!!