History, Internal & Regional Aspirations Will Stand Against Foreign Military Bases in Nigeria- Shehu

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History, Internal & Regional Aspirations Will Stand Against Foreign Military Bases in Nigeria- Shehu

The U.S is a big country that has a lot of friends and enemies, if Nigeria accepts a proposal for installments of a military base by the French and the U.S. we could inherit their enemies. Our history and regional aspirations in the country will make this very unlikely

Group Captain Sadeeq Shehu, Security and Defence Consultant




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  1. The unfortunate thing about this analyst's unfounded hope in Tinubu's capability is the fact that he thinks that Tinubu has any modicum of national strategy interests asides his own personal interests. All his actions so far point to the other direction.

  2. I think it would be to the advantage of the English-speaking countries of west Africa to accept the U.S. into the country to help control Boko Haram, and to strengthen relationship between the 2 countries. Russia wants to plunder Africa's resources and create instability. Russia is not a Superpower anymore, it's an oil economy. China is closer to being a Superpower. The U.S. Senate now has a bill that will bring direct Submarina Fiber Optic Internet cable (Diaspora Link Act) to Nigeria and Ghana. This will open up more economic trade and development benefits to the continent and access to the U.S. market. Things are not where they were 10 or 20 years ago. The future is Africa, and the U.S. recognizes it.

  3. The complaints remain the same: we are short of f-power, equipment, and training, and we go to the national assembly. We YN is at the forefront of new political economy, intellectual capital, and new knowledge – we lead the world and pursue our noble cause through peaceful means only 🌎

  4. I was approached and appointed as a mentor, and I am proud to say that I later became the top contributor to the university's business school in London. In my experience, being innovative in our character and thinking outside the box is key. Without taking risks and exploring new ideas, the issues can easily become a mere talking shop ✋️

  5. We must admit that providing effective quality security is an uphill struggle no doubt, and going into the future, there is nothing undesirable about having it – the fabricated idea of a possible bridge of sovereignty or we are not aware of what they bringing and using is a weak argument – fact ✋️

  6. Africa Union Ecowas Are Funded By outsiders Western countries European Countries

    Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal Sahal

    America and
    French Government are Sahal

    Once Africa sort out
    Economic hardships
    Employment Jobs
    Africans are at work Youths will not engage in
    Unnecessary activities

    But poverty creating economic hardships Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Refugees Displaced people

    Africa Union Ecowas Are Funded By outsiders

    Because of the influence interference dictate Meddling Coursing unnecessary activities around the Continent of Africa

    French Government on the Continent is making
    Africa to take Boldness Standing against America and French Government
    Because of raw minerals resources

  7. The people of plateau , the people of Benue and the people Southern Kaduna will want American and French military bases in their territories to protect them against the bandits and other heartless terrorists

  8. The west are placing themselves at where they can get mineral resources of the future technology like lithium and the rest. If they have base they will not allow host country to investigate their base even if they are smuggling our national wealth away.
    No security of any country has improved with their bases, it usually gets worse, they negotiate with terrorist not to attack each other and even sell weapons to them. I prefer to die in the country insecurity than allow them to come.

  9. This kind of funny and archaic military analyst and strategist makes me laugh.. Is Nigeria greater countries like Germany and Japan that hosts American bases? Has the sovereignty of Nigeria not been compromised by Boko Haram and Bandits.. … these people are too funny and they make no sense..

  10. Thank you Arise TV for sounding the Alarm. So a newly independent Nigeria rejected UK's proposal of a military base. Please verify. Nigeria was a founder-member of the Non-Aligned Movement. That meant we traded with both the capitalist & the communist blocs during the Cold War. We fought and defeated apartheid.
    Pray, what do we need a foreign military base for?!
    What happened to "Forward ever, backward never"?

  11. 125 yrs, the British used hausa-fulani and Yoruba terrorists to not only cause Nigeria and Biafra civil war but continue drilling Crude oil deposits in Igbo Hebrew Biafra land coastal and upland regions.
    U.S is the biggest allies of the the British, and has made it clear that the dichotomy, nepotism, political consipracy against Ndi'Igbo must stop if Washington will continue to support British and their Hausa-fulani/Yoruba terrorists alliances.
    Now the chicken has come home to roost, the British have lost 40% of every crude oil drilled out of Nigeria for helping the north and Yoruba win Biafra war.
    New masters, US and FRANCE is here to replace blood sucking vampire country called the British, and what that means is that, there shall be new political alliances, between south east, coastal and upland regions, south west Yoruba land and northern Nigeria islamic terrorist caliphate.
    Who will united states and France align with?
    Igbo Hebrew Biafra state, or proponents of ONE NIGERIA?
    The world were curriously watching how Britain used diplpmatic lies to coerce world super power nations to support Nigeria to murder more than 3.5million innocent Igbo Hebrews, men, women and children to keep Nigeria one.
    From 1970-2024, the same global super power nations, came, saw and behold the British deception concerning Ndi'Igbo, and will not continue to empower terrorist tribes of Yoruba and their hausa-fulani alamajiri jihadist shed blood of Igbos to keep them as owners of Nigeria.
    What is certain and sure is that, old British alliance have expired, Yoruba treachry won't work this time, and hausa-fulani sharia jihadist hiding under the cover of ONE NIGERIA has also come to an END.
    WELCOME united states of America, and hearty welcome government of France, Nigeria is wide open for you to build your enviable military basis here.
    REFERENDUM, plebiscite, or out right second civil war will decide the 21st century western alliances in Nigeria today.

  12. Foreign military base will be de best decision for Nigeria if they will help us to fight terrorism becos it is obvious dat our military has failed ND are overwhelmed Nigerians can not continue to die every day

  13. Nigeria is now a laughing stock.lets face reality we have fall down the perking order.we are more what we are .Move the nation forward and stop politicizing issues and adding bigotry to it.Kaduna is a state I grew up and for the past 20 years I have not step my leg in that country talk more of the state.let peace be the pinnacle to mend the wounds or else more Problem is underway