DEATH of your DRIVER! This BRAND NEW IRON has changed golf FOREVER

This BRAND NEW 2024 iron SHOULD definitely not be this FORGIVING?! This is the death of your driver and for me this brand new iron has changed golf forever! Mizuno have released some crazy good irons over the years, from the Mizuno JPX 921 range, including the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour, Mizuno JPX 921 Forged, Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal and Mizuno JPX…



  1. Black is gorgeous but and just enough for driving iron, but having the whole set (like P770,p790) just idk looks so different- SS is still the one to go with on sets.. but on driving iron is GREAT

  2. I think you should really let non experienced golfers try these clubs, all you pros saying this is forgiving is lost on us as you can hit straight anyway lol.
    Just a thought 🙂

  3. Do a Renaissance series and try a low profile Browning 440 2 Iron. (Apart from being Petrifying when you're looking down at the head😂), they actually hit a Long way…

  4. These look great, I skipped a bunch, did you show swing speed?

    Do you think you'd use this instead of woods and hybrids?

    I wonder what it would do with a driving shaft, I bet Mizuno would sponsor that

    Do they have lefty yet?

    Thanks for this vid, fist iron I'd consider replacing my 15 year old set with

  5. This is a replacement for a hybrid, but flies lower and runs further. I hit my driver 300+, 3W 285, and when I carry my old Mizuno Flihi it's about 255with rollout. My next club is a 4i that goes 215 carry

  6. Lovely looking club Alex, but like you I suspect with use the black finish will look a bit scruffy. That said, a very appealing looking club but not for me as I'm not a strong enough iron player, I'll stick with my hybrids.

  7. Have wilson staff 15,18 and 21 degree. No driver or hybrids and love them 15 degree is great in summer time,low backspin and long rollout,average 250 but dead regular. 15 handicap. Then my irons start at 2 to 64 degree wedge. 2 iron 210 average.


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