Claudine Gay’s case reflects history of discrediting Black intelligence

The news of Claudine Gay’s resignation as Harvard’s president has sparked anger among those who say the university yielded to pressure from right-wing billionaires. Many argue that the orchestrated effort by the far-right to remove Harvard’s first Black president is part of a broader history of undermining Black credentials. Joining Ali Velshi…



  1. Imagine posting these insane, comically wrong videos on every topic, over and over on social media, and recieving not one single positive comment. The mental gymnastics of these charlatans simply morphs into pure intentional lying. These shills are worse than any fascist. At least a fascist believes his ideology.

  2. Is the “history of black intelligence” one of blatant plagiarism and fraud?

    Then how does her case relate AT ALL to the “history of black intelligence?”

    What a bunch of crap, even for MS-DNC.

  3. Ok then let’s look at every university presidents thesis and dissertation then we can have a conversation. The first thing these people try to do is discredit. look at your background etc. I want to see the former presidents transcripts. We know what this is, if you don’t, we know who you are.

  4. There's clearly a pattern, and it's existed for thousands of years. Phases: a) Oppressor moves into region (Aryans into Pakistan and Northern India; Alexander in Kemet Egypt, Western Europeans into Africa or Americas(sic). b) They then brutalize the local dark (aka black) population, steal their resources, and convert them to oppressor religions, languages, etc. c) Teh now trapped blacks, Moors, Africans, Af Americans, Hebrew people fight for centuries for respect, but never align with their international (Diasporan) relatives (the way Irish, Italians, British/white Brits, Germans, French, Roman, Italian, Muslim, white Christians do). Until black Americans become Pan African and more internationally smart, they'll continue to be abused, and using high levels of cognitive brilliance begging the American (or British, etc) massa's for rights, justice. Wake up.

  5. I remember being in anatomy lab at a prominent medical school and telling my group about some of the anatomy answers and they wouldn’t believe me despite the fact I referenced the lecture. They laughed at me. Sure enough, when they looked for themselves they found I was indeed right. It was really frustrating but symptomatic of an issue I’m starting to realize black folks in academic circles are forced to grapple with.

  6. Claudine did not have to answer like she did. It required more thought and she didnt make the effort that it required. Maybe she needed some of these men in her back corner to discuss how to address the question publicly

  7. False claims about affirmative action and DEI is how mediocore, mostly white men, who have accomplished nothing of note personally and professionally, cope with watching minorities excel despite the odds being stacked against them.


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