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  1. Well why dont they just be natural an authentic. Us black men as boys went through alot you blk women arent special to think you were the only ones that were messed with as black children. We black men as boys had no choice but to grow up an face it unlike you blk women that didnt

  2. Love can't be conditional bc you can't control it. Showing it or not, and/or being with someone or not, are what's conditional. If someone can stop loving me at the drop of a dime, it wasn't love.

  3. I think we were all teased and talked about growing up. I grew up in Shreveport Louisiana and then middle and highschool in Los Angeles. No one was exempt! I got called "blackie, charcoal, falt chested, African booty scratcher, etc. But everyone had their time of getting bagged on. I am dark skinned woman, I am also married to a Black man for over 10 years. I think that these women need to heal. Put it all in perspective. You were children, we all were. Once you start loving you then the right man will gravitate toward that healed you. Also, I agree with the young man because confidence goes a long way.

  4. The minute she yearned for that unconditional love, it showed she never accepted herself. Being from the Caribbean in America, with an accent you can't hide, not the same background or similar stories growing up, you get talked about. The girls love your accent and want you to talk all the time. And the dudes hate because the girls love you. At that point, you're not allowed to just be you. But you're from America and you're worried about people talking about you?! You grew up with the wrong mentality.

  5. It's not that white boys don't find you attractive. It's a consequence of the mass brainwashing to convince people that Africans are inferior, when in fact, scientifically, the African man and woman, is without a doubt, the superior human being. This is why Africans dominate every academic field and martial arts and sports discipline in which they participate, with the exception of swimming. Because white europeans have lighter (weaker) bones, which are less nutrient dense, and therefore, they can float more easily in water. They also brake more bones, and suffer more bone related illness, as a consequence. Avery other kind of woman is trying to look like the African women. Which is why they get lip injections, tan their skin, and get BBLs. But the mass brainwashing by the media to spread the delusion of white supremacy, has people trying to pretend otherwise.

  6. The Only Black Women most Black Men will date are the Black Women that do not talk about them and/or disrespect them.

    However, in some cases, these Respectful and Responsible Black Women are in small supply; unless you find a Modern Woman that's ready to Settle for you and Rob you.

    That said, different types of Black Men have different amounts of Black Women that love and respect them. And Black Men can here about it from Black Women and other Black Men. YouTube provides Proof of this Disparity "every day" by calling Black Men….

    Simp, Beta, Alpha, Dominate, Trick, Mark, etc.

  7. Women dont have the emotional stability to change or self reflect it takes from their happiness. Its best to find a woman you can tolerate and just tell her what she wants to hear and dont consider her fantasy logic if she stays or goes be comfortable with yourself to move on.

  8. Nobody loves anybody unconditionally. Thats incredibly stupid to even suggest. I would love to ask her if she would love her man no matter what he did or became. Of course not.

  9. lets keep it a buck, the one with glasses dont have the best facial features and she's giving attitude like she's the prettiest thing ever, yes that does qualify as ugly. being humble and polite could turn a 5 into a 8

  10. Excuses to really rationalize wanting to "swirl" with the Caucasians and others, based on limited Black men interactions to justify themselves. The divestor types never change…Could say more…Peace

  11. its more the attitude than the appearance to be honest, she makes it about her skin colour but its really just her appearance shes basicly a 4 out of 10 and wth that attitude man it goes down alot

  12. I was only popular in high school because I started varsity basketball as a freshman. A couple of the guys from that team are my friends till this day. Other than that I'm a loner


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