African culture.How do Africans meet guests? «Connecting Cultures»

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African culture.How do Africans meet guests? «Connecting Cultures»

Connecting cultures №3
The African Cultural Center was opened in Almaty a year ago. Its mission is to unite everyone who comes to Kazakhstan from Africa for the purpose of study or work. The center also strives to show Kazakhstan citizens all the diversity of African culture. At every opportunity, representatives of the center get together,…



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  1. 00:47 What is the purpose of Daniel's father visit to Kazakhstan?

    01:40 Abdula Mohamed: "I came to Kazakhstan to study"

    02:13 What is the mission of the African Cultural Center?

    02:42 How do Africans meet guests?

    05:18 What is the white soup made of?

    06:45 The way of preparing of ginger drink?

    08:12 The earth blooms after rain…

    09:10 What is Djembe?

    10:46 African national dress – the country's heritage

    12:59 Daniel: «Love inspired me to study the Kazakh language»

    13:58 Abdula: «I, in turn, began to study the Kazakh language in order to understand the work of the great poet Abai Kunanbayuly»

    15:56 Daniel: «Shildekhana-besik toi, uzatu toi, betashar toi – these are all significant and familiar Kazakh traditions»

    17:19 Performed by Daniel kuy "Ata tolgauy"