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  1. Why I can never have children. Men are not responsible human beings. She should take him to court in the US for child support. He's a parent too. Your child cost money to train and take care of. Rent and feeding don't pay themselves. Even with all the mothers and grandmothers that were left alone to take care of children and boys that grow up to do the same thing, women still haven't learned. Only a handful of men are actually there for their children from beginning to end of their life. Maybe 1 in every 20,000 people worldwide was actually raised with a stable male presence. Most men themselves only had their mother or grandmother and those ones even treat women worse

  2. She does work. Are you not aware she's a YouTube content creator as well who I have been following for years? And she's the daughter of millionaires? I'm lost

  3. Oh, these foolish fake so called pastors, always telling others what to do! Rubbish!

  4. WEALTH IS EVERYTHING IN NIGERIA. No way a wealthy woman would be asked to drink that water. If one is poor or considered wretched, only then are the worst done to the person. Very sad and true!

  5. Women should wear bra and nipple covers if necessary. There are comfy bras out there that you can buy and wear 🙄🙄 men too, wear proper underwear that hold your penis if you are in loose pants. Walking around seeing penis prints and nipples in daylight is not pleasant. Night, club, beach, party— fine. But just anywhere- not okay.
    I don’t agree fully with everything that lady said because I watched the entire podcast; but people should dress appropriately.

  6. If and when Davido gets serious with Chioma(May currently be the case), many things have to change in his relationship with the other women and children; whether people like it or not. The constant being around the babies mamas will stop. No wife will condone that. The children will have to visit him more instead. I’m sure there will be lots more drama to come. Hmm.. it’s never good to have children here and there, regardless of the amount of money you have. It’s the children that will suffer.

  7. The Bosch of Igbo celebrities who don't know themselves are going to bow down to people who didn't allow Igbo people to vote in Lagos state

  8. Welcome back to our channel and thanks Abraham 💯👍

  9. Chioma that drag her 1 year old son to dubai to bang drug king pin is q good woman 😅 yall just want to trash Sophia

  10. I will will tell you what we think about the whole political mess in Nigeria; they should let democracy win, they should let real votes win and they should let "we the people" win and not the will of a few and their ambitions.

  11. Zino is on Drugs no thought

  12. Baby mama's drama make u dey wear rubber till when you're ready to settle down 😂

  13. Hmm just gave his life to christ, and went straight to the apostle's office in the body of Christianity. Wow biblical geometric progression 😅

  14. The last time i checked, these yungins dont drink like that. Its too much IGBO and LOUD. True talk. Nothing else..dem no sabi care and maintain themselves after taking these drugs which eventually takes a toll on the body. Especially when it becomes a routine like before and after food, before and after every recording, before and after sex, before and in between chills with friends and all through the night before sleeeping with one toto or the other. No too much appetite for food..them go come begin look one kain..despite the plenty moni… Naija na high and booze and high and party/sex. Mostly..same routine week in week out .. sorry for the Uninformed shayo man.. Facts..

  15. You guys, bloggers are the ones making people relevant, ie; baby mamas

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