zaouli floating African dance #5 #Shorts

zaouli floating African dance #5 #Shorts

zaouli floating African dance #5 #Shorts
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  1. Thank you all for checking out this video you can check out the long form where i explain this amazing dance >>

  2. The drums , flutes , and dance jus raw asl😮‍💨

  3. astounding costumes and mask, to go with the dancing.

  4. I realize each tribal dancer has different masks on and different colored tribal wear on….I'm curious to know what each mask means within the tribe? The tribal costumes; do they signify any higher arcky to the different rituals they perform? I'm sure that there is only a handful of tribesmen who can actually perform this African mask dance? I love this all of it!! These men are amazing!! It's not a dance for the light hearted or weak in the knees and alone dance with their bare feet to boot!! Keep the videos comin!!! I never get enough!! Thank you again!!

  5. The hype man hovering around the dancer like a gnat

  6. Какое чудо. Они словно колибри порхают.

  7. I like the dance, the sound of the instruments and the colors of the dancer's outfit! 😄

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