Yvonne Nelson Replies Sarkodie’s “Try Me”

Actress Yvonne Nelson and Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie have had their controversy take a new dimension as the actress replied to the singer’s claims in his new song.

Nelson had revealed in her new book ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ that the artiste impregnated her.



  1. No one need to be on Yvonne's side. And Michael cannot disgrace Yvonne. Yvonne told her story, and Michael can sing every hymn in the book. It makes no difference, the narcissist's is ego is bruised and he is not going to leave Yvonne alone, he will move heaven and earth to bring her down. Heal your bruised ego and facade and move on. You both have daughters.

  2. My opinion though!
    Bringing the kids (daughters) in her (Yvonne) argument is needless!

    An unrealized repetition of a generational curse, I may call it! Sorry to say, mother had an issue, daughter had an issue & you’re transcending 👅 to your daughter? C’mon…… 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Analysis: there’s a force here pushing your 👅 to initiate or rekindle the past!

    May the good Lord have mercies upon their daughters and sail them through in life! 🔥🙏🏽

  3. Yvonne is clearly lying with this Pregnancy shit. She explaining 3 different times she got pregnant or in school or completed school are not connecting. We’ve got to be careful of this “diggers”

  4. She should go beg her mother who kept her pregnscy to give her life but she Yvonne Nelson aborted her baby. she should blame her self no body put a gun to her head to kill her child. she should not curse Sarkordie's child because karma would definiately come to her Yvonne Nelson

  5. Find something better to talk about. this girl is crazy, she slept with a twenty two year old boy while she was twenty five who should know better. she is a disgrace while isn't she talking about other men she slept with. Now the world get to know her for this immatured behaviour. she is cursing her self You guys find something productive to talk about.


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