Your Egypt Tour Guide Ahmed Esmat (Medo) from On The Go Tours

Your Egypt Tour Guide Ahmed Esmat (Medo) from On The Go Tours

Here at TourRadar, we know the best way to learn about a new destination is through the eyes of…


  1. Egyptian tour guides are crap…
    They think tourists are there to get intensive Egyptology course…
    They keep feeding tourists with useless dates and historical data that anyone can find in books instead of traveling to Egypt… exaggerating realities… thinking that would make them likable or popular…

    They teach psychology, Egyptology, and management; Henry Ford and mass production to tour guides in Egypt..😏😕🤨… while they should instead teach marketing, presentation skills, health and safety..crowd management…. cultural specifications, differences…and dialects…etc

    The whole thing is beyond stupid…

  2. ممكن بعد اذن المشرفين انضم إلى االجروب

  3. Does he still do tours in 2022?

  4. Brother medo to contact you ????

  5. Hi. I want to visit Egypt. Can you provide me with invitation letter. Its required by embassy

  6. radar::! medo and amer are absolutely 2 of the best tour egyptian guides you can see.

  7. I had the chance of touring Egypt with Medo this past April (2019)! Definitely recommend On The Go Tours for travel accommodation and luxury touring without breaking your bank account! Medo was very informative and made the trip stress free. We really did become a family during our trip meeting others from around the world. Thanks On the Go & Medo. Its great to see you shining on the tele! Take Care – Nelson & Andrea

  8. LOVE Medo! He's the best best tour guide!!!

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