YOMO | Web Series | Episode 1: The African, Asian Persuasion

YOMO | Web Series | Episode 1: The African, Asian Persuasion

The pilot episode of YOMO (You Only Marry Once) The African, Asian Persuasion.

Yonah & Moshana…


  1. Where's episode 2..We are now in 2017. What's going on with the series????

  2. Loool Ghanaians kraa

  3. Please we need episode 2 oo. šŸ˜ŠGreat job āœØ

  4. what happened where is the rest of the series

  5. AHHH!! I love this show! Why did you all only make one episode? šŸ˜”

  6. But how is everyone enjoying the rice? Ghanaian jollof rice is a joke, #Nigerian lol. This series is awesome!

  7. This is really good! Kwame killed me! LOL " Wo ho y3 fe paa"

  8. One look and I am already hooked! I am in hopes of another episode. Very talented ladies! I'm sure I'll be seeing more creative works from you both. =)

  9. Bahahaha! As a half Black (part Ghanaian) and half Indian female, this was literally the story of my life! #dead

  10. Where are the rest of the episodes though šŸ™

  11. Brilliant! Keep them coming!

  12. I want more. This was great!

  13. Where are the rest of the episodes? It's really good!

  14. Love it! More please…

  15. I like the diversity.Ā 

  16. Brilliant , met Yonah filming on hollyoaks . She was so Loverly and told me a bout this loving it so funny x

  17. Hahaha, I totally love it !
    Much love in California

  18. Lol 'no blood! very distant cousins' lol

  19. when is the next episode coming out?? šŸ™‚

  20. LMBOOOO!!!!

    Me and my friends are going through this now!!

    #LuvfromtheUS #NaijaProblems #HELP lol!!!

  21. when are u gonna upload season 2?

  22. LOVE IT!! I'm Ghanaian as well… hehe! I can't wait for more episodes!

  23. This is so good – I've seen friends of mine in situations like at this party all the time!!!!

  24. part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You guys, is it ever coming?!?! šŸ˜®

  26. where can i watch the next series?

  27. Hiya guys i hope the production on the rest of the series is going well and cant wait to see the rest of it.

  28. Great work on episode one.Ā  Looking forward to watching more.Ā  You have yourself a new subscriber.Ā  And if you get a chance check out our page to see our brand new comedy web series "The Promotion Wife."

  29. This is really interesting. Please keep doing more

  30. Great job guys. I'm liking this. The shush part in the kitchen, buff saidĀ 

  31. I die at that moment when she wants to kiss her teeth then realises that her parents can still give that SERIOUS african disciplineĀ 

  32. MORE PLEASE!! This is soooo goodddd šŸ˜€Ā 

  33. Sooo good!! I couldn't find another episode so I watched it twice! Wonderful work, please keep us updated!

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