Yanga Chief On Working On “Popstar,” Confidence Issues & Rapping In IsiXhosa First Before Anatii

Yanga Chief On Working On “Popstar,” Confidence Issues & Rapping In IsiXhosa First Before Anatii

Jimmy came to Joburg and walked away with a South Africa Music Award for the Best Rap Album category. That’s definitely a story you can take back home with you. Just after dropping his debut album, Popstar, which followed the award winning…


  1. That album is a body of work 💪
    My favorites are
    Austin powers
    Note to self

  2. I like how slikour can bring everyone to a neutral level…🔥

  3. Only one thing you need to understand bro I was bumping to dreamskap years before yanga chief and people doesn’t understand that there is music called spazza where dreaman is rooted

  4. Big up to young, one if the few rappers in South Africa, who doesn't want to sound like Americans, he's accent is pure South African…

  5. He mentioned my home town Coffee Bay

  6. And now we need PDotO to rap in Xhosa too

  7. Without sounding like going south but there was a cat called T.O.P from paper cut back in the days. He used to murder this Xhosa rap game. Late 90s

  8. Shout out to Yanga chief, Civil and everyone who was involved on the album we really appreciate your work Ma'grootman ✊🔥🔥

  9. I Thought Slikour Would Break Down During The Intro

  10. I thank you slikour onlife having this interview with the chief I've been waiting for it.❤💯

  11. Pop Star is such a beautiful body of work🙏❤ Thank you Yanga for such an offering especially during these difficult times with regards to music identity for many of our artists

  12. The comment on Afropop, Kwaito and House. Its crazy. Probably represents majority of the country! Beautiful interview! Congratulations Yanga!

  13. Who is the girl they talking about towards the end?

  14. SLikour I dare you to say "Pioneer" one more time

  15. Popping champagne shouldn’t be a lifestyle for Afrikans there’s so much that we still need to do for each other as black people that we shouldn’t even be partaking in such a lifestyle #myopinion


  17. "White people are everywhere where it matters"..that hit me, Yanga is so real.

  18. Yanga Chief uyandigodusa bra…keep it up 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿. Mahle Faku.

  19. "You are pioneering a sound"
    Chief put that on a song intro

  20. There are many Jimmys but not all of them get to tell their stories or even make a story…and if you do get to…. it's simply the grace!!!

  21. "Stop looking outside of yourself"!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. "Anizoyiva nePiece!! HAHAHAH!! Bra Tiger talking his shit to the youth

  23. Slikour maguy. I wish you knew how much you inspire me,I learn so much about life whenever i watch and listen to you speak.

  24. I hope you learnt how to conduct yourself towards your staff slikour, never be an asshole towards somebody meanwhile not knowing tomorrow

  25. From this interview I can tell that Slikour was an Ass Hole towards Yanga & his stuff but this shaped him to who he is right now & that’s who slikour was before not now. Yanga surpassed slikour’s expectations hence why his stuttering in this interview

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