Yam and plantain porridge for the family #youtubeshorts #shortvideo #shorts #ghana #nigeria #africa

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  1. Usually we eat platano fried with Gallo pinto or fry patacon. Never seen it with 🍠 yam

  2. Luchy did try at all the same Keke that is feeding u is now stolen.

  3. Is the gum chewing for me 😂

  4. Wooow this is so delicious ❤….

  5. The plantain is the game changer

  6. Wow am trying this right away cos I have been thinking of what to cook for dinner 😅❤

  7. Always beautiful food dishes! Blessings 💖

  8. Let me go set my ingredients, this has to go down today, TGIF . You're the boss, ❤

  9. Love the video ❤ is there a recipe? 🙏

  10. Wow!!! Music from my home country!!!

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