xQc Reacts to ‘BORED APE NAZI CLUB’ | Philion

Video by Philion: https://youtu.be/XpH3O6mnZvw
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  1. I actually learned a lot

  2. Honestly the ending was so fucking revolting that it just made me feel like doing the opposite. What a shit end for a video, oh well. Ending ruined.

  3. The Waffen SS logo similarity, one of the founders being a Chan lurker(quite possibly all of them), and the cryptography shit is the biggest evidences imo

  4. I can't believe how in 2022, these degenerates roam the internet like cockroaches. You can also kill them or discard them, but more hide in the walls, just like how neo-nazis, facsists, Far-Rights do.

  5. The money that people got defrauded by these famous people getting essentially paid to say they bought the apes is the worst part. Racist stuff isn't good either but like xqc said imagine some one who got tricked into shelling out a shit ton for one of those who is about to default on their house. It's fraud.

  6. I have a question, how do black americans take nazis as their culture ? The shit that guy put in the video is solely dumb…

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