WS Employee Fired After Using Discriminatory Language Toward Black Flight Attendant

WS Employee Fired After Using Discriminatory Language Toward Black Flight Attendant

Phillip Scott reports on WS being fired after disrespecting a Black flight attendant.


  1. “Spirit fueled rollicking” sounds like something out of Mr. Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

    Disrespectful. Anyway, stop blaming immigrants.

  2. That's a demon anytime something or some entity brings nothing but misery and sorrow, ruins everything, that is a demon, a wicked spirit!

  3. Darren Wilson's woman rejected and left him right before he took his anger out on Mike Brown.

  4. Ofays got their pink slips.

  5. great he was fired and the sista should file a civil suit against him and also the passengers. I thought they were not too get drunk before boarding but we know the police made for us

  6. 96% of the folks on the no-fly list will be 'white!'

  7. Good, he got fired, as I'm would not allow an employee to destroy what I build. Tired of these WS!!

  8. No home training. Learned it from Mom.

  9. I would want to slap one of those pilgrims even if we didn't have to get off of the pane!!!

  10. Wonder how many Black people they have in BuilderTrend? And how are they treated if they hired a token?

  11. Republicans support terrorists? You don't say. Send them to a black site and waterboard them.

  12. I guess the true definition of the word “terrorist” is anyone who has brown skin. January 6th people or rowdy WS airline passengers are just having a bad day.

  13. Put tht no flight list in place and you might end up with an all the passengers being black. That way of an airline disrespects one of us we have leverage now.

  14. Like I said before; all it takes, is a 5th of yak to get these folks wildin out with their bigoted shenanigans.🍺🍹🍸🍷🍺

  15. WS never disappoint me as always being an a****

  16. How is it these white people could have so much animosity for a people who never caused any kind of harm to then?

  17. 🇬🇧 well last time hear WW3

  18. That national no-fly list doesn't sound like a bad idea to me either, Uncle Phil . . .

  19. Better yet, if most of the Passengers look like the flight attendant I bet you they would’ve not said that. They should be on a no fly list, they’re displaying the potential to kill other passengers.


  21. We have a lot of educated black folks that we can fill all these positions and change the dynamics of how we coexist in this changing society

  22. If they fired every WS there would be no one working but Black people, but not all Blacks. Some Blacks would be on the unemployment line with their masters.

  23. The people acting a fool on a plane is crazy. I would be quiet on a plane thousands of feet in the air because I'm scared that it would go down for a technicality.

  24. The other passengers may have an interest in a civil lawsuit

  25. Banning from an airline for actin a fool ok but from all airlines, that's too much and a slippery slope.

  26. WS hate us way more than they love themselves.

  27. They don't have know law's if you open your eyes and study colors of Law's is unconstitutional under the supreme court ruling looks it's up then you can see

  28. MAGA person: But muh freedom!
    Me: You are free to walk or drive to your destination.

  29. Delta has always had issues with racial bias and discrimination.

  30. That's why Joe Biden do not want to give black people a hate crime bill. Because a lot of white people will be charged with a hate crime

  31. White Privelige – A double standard.

  32. LOL! Phil, I know you are having a serious discussion that needs to be had, but the oh she rejected him is why he got the ar-15 line crack me up…lol.

  33. I always say that it don't cost nothing to BEHAVE and MIND YOUR BUSINESS. WS have to learn the hard way. 😒

  34. Everyone is acting like this is something new these are Terrorist they been Terrorizing people all over the world .And anybody that support these kind of people support Terrorism. And the police are Terrorist there not protecting and serving.These people been Terrorists since they came here. Call what it is crimes against humanity and humanity rights violations.

  35. Pink Panther Pranksters can do no

  36. It's amazing how these 🤡 will get fired from the jobs because they are so ignorant high IQ right

  37. That's why my friend she got a fly private jet you ain't got to put up with nonsense like that if you fly private and that's where I'm at flying private

  38. They refuse to read rules and regulations apply to the public so you plan on disrupting everybody from enjoying the time off vacation visits to family or business for their jobs that sounds like they brought evilness to the people on the plane he care about other people getting to their destination safe and sound ruining everybody’s peace of mind for the rest of the day but anyway I’ll just say I’m grateful everybody were safe from this individual behavior and God bless everyone

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