Woman Asks Why Do Black Women Give Their Kids Ridiculous Ghetto Names

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Woman Asks Why Do Black Women Give Their Kids Ridiculous Ghetto Names

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  1. My name is Dav’e (masculine ik), and people always point out how manly it sounds whenever I introduce myself. It doesnt make it any better that I have an extremely masculine appearance.

  2. amazing how she projects herself through time and space to her 'real self'. Its Marxism, the false consciousness, applied to identity. People are abandoning themselves for a mythological self rooted in 'racist slavery history' which is in itself created by Marxist rhetoric. Oh well, it takes all types …

  3. Some of these names I hear it seems that the black parents got out their Scrabble game, shook up the bag of letters. They counted out 7-9 letters and see what kind of name that they can come up with. How about let's see: James, William, Joseph, Mary, Susan, Judy. Not Ja quan, Ladariousious, Kamala, Barracks, Laquisha.