Wizkid Spent More Than 10 Million On Ahmed, Mompha Helps Yahoo Boys- EFCC, Mummy G.O

Wizkid Spent More Than 10 Million On Ahmed, Mompha Helps Yahoo Boys- EFCC, Mummy G.O

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  1. Bro how can star boy come bank to you now 😥😥😥

  2. The movie, Godfather is my best movie of all time.
    It teaches you loyalty and the value for family.

  3. Question of the day ,Manifest.

  4. Passion of Christ and Escape from Sobibor

  5. "Amed Sold his Luck in exchange of all the benefits they gave him, but you can't blame him because back then he was too young and profane". You need to be Spiritually and consciously awake (awareness) to understand what I said!

  6. This boy is a real nigerian, his even saying it like he gave Wizkid money to keep for him,, now accusing Wizkid of his poor father's death…

  7. Ahmed was a bad boy in Caleb sch that Wiz put him..he was supplying the lil boys in that sch with alcohol…my sister works there…make he gerroouutt

  8. Another UK Patient, God have mercy

  9. I really don't know what to say but God knows the truth about the whole stuff. Even this abeg is enough evidence that the boy didn't collect saint. Please meckson the hustle is not easy. Please when you are going out to reach out with the beggars in the street. I will love to support this time🙏🏾🙏

  10. All this time wey him dey use kneel down if you sabi rap then rap and your talent will sell. Why him dey act for us this new year

  11. I'm praying for that man Bright Rich Obasuyi; that he not only gets his healing but also justice… QOTD: I'll suggest Armageddon & to bring home, KOB 1 & 2.

  12. That guts that makes these complainers in Nigeria think somebody owe them is disgusting. Guy go hustle and stop kneeling, begging on social media like you are slow or something.

  13. Keep up the good job king of boys

  14. He doesn't want school na music he wants

  15. Y him go pay school fees for amh.
    This boy really like music.
    That's his talent ohh..
    Don't mind wizkid God would surely help you out bro…

  16. You can give people second chances in life but for this young dude,wizkid is a high profile individual that takes his public image so seriously.he came out lamenting and never told anyone that wizkid put him in a school and he messed.that is first issue to me.and secondly for someone like wizkid to invest his money in you and you try to put him in the mud by doing vices and joining gangs is unforgivable and can destroy wizkids image.that’s a lost opportunity

  17. Love don't cost a thing
    American movie

  18. The plane video was CGI not real 🤣😂🤣

  19. The plane did not crash like that oo na sim be that boss

  20. Wizkid ahh that's why davido we be ahead you guys period

  21. I think this time Nigerians should wise up with this election thing, Nigerians are still suffering from the hands of actor Buhari the grandfather and another grandfather should not take that sit anymore,I come in peace

  22. You no get family abi na wizkid born you nonsense

  23. On the Sylvester Case, the cause of death medically, is different from the reason for death. In short there's is a difference between an autopsy and forensics. Too many lazy policemen or should I say a lack of will to carry out proper investigation

  24. Yoruba people too like scholarship life

  25. Things fall apart, but I think they should remark that movie.

  26. Very hard QOTD: i can’t do one. I really liked “Get Out” It’s definitely African American experience heavy but still enjoyable.
    “Inception” was definitely mind puzzling and still is 🧐
    “Forest Gump”

    Less meaningful- Harry Potter movies, The Dark Knight, and Avenger series.

  27. Questions of the day, Queen of the South 1 to 5, Black list 1 to 9. 💪💪❤


  29. Thank you once again Mecks yo doing well. If you can recollect the recharge card sharing situation, I commented about the collection of personal data through imei when activated. Now the alleged hack is still for the same purpose one man one vote. Don't be surprised ballot boxes filled with votes of those that didn't even go out to vote coming next election. They're preparing already. ❤️

  30. That story about that man potentially loosing an organ really breaks my heart 🥺 I hope it gets more attention. Is it on other blogs?
    Have they informed Italy or Nigeria?

  31. OMG…the Indonesia plane landing was so scaring, God has done a great miracle for no life was lost…..Almighty Jah 🙌

  32. Thank you for the update Abraham!
    Wiz did what he could/should for a lil boy. He should have a least finish high school. Wiz didn’t want to invest in someone that is straying, that wouldn’t be good for his brand. This guy definitely look like he fell into the wrong things.
    Free Wiz abeg! He did his part.

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