WIZKID Sets Another "Awards' RECORD | What Does This Mean For STARBOY? | Comparing DAVIDO

WIZKID Sets Another "Awards' RECORD | What Does This Mean For STARBOY? | Comparing DAVIDO

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WIZKID Sets Another “Awards’ RECORD | What Does This Mean For STARBOY? | Comparing DAVIDO


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  1. Lala no Dey tok true about wiz jare, he get something with that guy

  2. tell Lala to put Wizkid's album on repeat n let it grow on hip, aswear he will rank it higher dan 7.0 , pls Lala promise me u will do it, plsssss, dat album has been on repeat 4 weeks ooo, dis is not normal, many pple hv sed it, experience it with us, give it a try, dont skip anytin, n lastly, dont sleep on true love n roma, i used 2 sleep on it, now i play it every day, try it

  3. This lala no like wiz I don study the guy

  4. Lala shut up 🤫 stop hating

  5. Guy you don't like wizkid at all but why I will just turn of the S botín now bcs of Lola or lala celebrate with him

  6. Lala talk truth make your mind free you

  7. Who is watching with me 🍿🍿🍹🍹

  8. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️Commot for road ooo

  9. Lala i knw say mehn u not evn a fan of wizzy stp hiding. Lukin at u alone u no go lik person progress… i de vex bcos una no knw anything abt music

  10. Oboi u n lala abi watyn dem de call ham na rubbish una de talk and report.

  11. Lala now you’re sounding like you’re dull. Go read about intellectual property law in the entertainment industry then you will know while a featured artist is as much entitled to the awards from the music. Wiz I s part and parcel of that award. Lala go make money and stop hating who God has blessed. Starboy is the king forever🦍🦾

  12. That last part tho 😂😂😂
    Kapai chu mari mari chu pako…grammy nominee

    Opor gan 😂

  13. When a song with featured artist wins an award, many big/relevant award bodies give plaques to all the artists on the song as well not just the owner of the song.

  14. What is lala saying. Roddy rich won his first Grammy on Nipsey hussle song.

  15. Wizkid contributed alot to d success of Brown Skin Girl. We should gv him d respect he deserves. He isn't even making noise abt it unlike d other dude 🐸

  16. I like your show
    I like the two of you

  17. Seyi and Lala why is Wizkid always your problem…. You need to improve your analyses. You don't analyse the way both of you do 0

  18. Lala i used to Respect you about Music thought but today you have shown Yourself bro, alot of USA Artists have Grammy Awards and other awards through collaboration and they counting it for them, Lala Gettout too much Sense na nonsense

  19. Lala you hate Wizkid, but that will not stop him 4 Being the best African Afrobeat Star, take it or live it

  20. Lala no just dey agree for any wizkid matter it is clear

  21. Seyi its too obvious, you dont like wizz, haaabaaaa. your question don't have more drill when it comes to davido, kilodeeee. LaLa is so pure giving is honest response.

  22. Name of people that has been doing international collaboration without award is 'Davido' Lala Oya discuss.

  23. You guys forgot to mention the fact that Wizi was also nominated for the Grammies based on his contributions to one dance few years ago ! So why aren’t the other artist getting this nominations,recognitions,& awards wiz is getting from the international scene? Why is it only wizkid getting the awards for collaborations?is he the only Afro beat artist collaborating with international artists?

  24. Lala you are a big lai davido has international collaborations more dan but he has no north or awards so far

  25. Lala you you never says the true

  26. You will never mention names coz you guys have been during this for davido

  27. Lala you are not updating your profile so wizzy doesn’t

  28. This guy just don't want to accept Wizkid as the best ni. Wizkid has arrived years before brown skin girl and y'all know about that. Say the truth and let ur mind be at peace

  29. People get to forget how incredible Wiz can be as a song writer. There are news out there that Wiz wrote One Dance, and had input in Brown Skin Girl… We might be surprised how much contributions he has on Beyonce song because Wiz will never speak about it except people from his inner circle breaks the gist.

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