WIZKID “Made In Lagos” Album VS “Superstar” and “Ayo” | CLASSIC or NOT? | Grammy Awards With Beyonce

WIZKID “Made In Lagos” Album VS “Superstar” and “Ayo” | CLASSIC or NOT? | Grammy Awards With Beyonce

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WIZKID “Made In Lagos” VS “Superstar” and “Ayo” | CLASSIC Album or NOT? | Grammy Awards With Beyonce


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  1. This guy is talking nonsense he obviously doesn't know the diff between hit song and classic song

  2. What are you guys looking for party jam or classic after m2m is made in lagos

  3. Omo the north fuck with made in Lagos oo.. sweet album!!

  4. What do u mean we waited 6 years for a new album, Seyi?

  5. all i can say is u people have not let this songs grow on you, imagine saying roma, true love, sweet love isn't a jam??

  6. Mil is the most cohesive body of work by wizkid,you are so shallow to this mentality of naija that if it’s not pakurumo it’s not a banger, common MIL is the most classic album from STARBOY. Mr music analyst IFE hit is different from Classic.

  7. Ife is right. Unfortunately Wiz FC will not agree. They will push wizkid to his downfall. To be honest wizkid can do better without his fake FC's

  8. I'm from northern part of Nigeria and I listen to MIL every blessing day.

  9. Be don dey get doubt since.. I just confirm am this ife guy no know anything about music

  10. Ife don't no what is classic

  11. Hits doesn’t make a classics, a classics is the journey the album take you to, superstars and made in lagos are classic, ayo is just an album comprising of hit song, to me I won’t put ayo close to made in lagos. No skips bro

  12. Very good points but your definition of what makes a classic album is wrong.
    A classic album is not judged by the amount of hits on it. It's only a la yman that'd judge a classic album by the amount of hits on it.
    Made in Lagos dusts the other two albums when you look at technical details like the overall theme of the album, the direction, arrangement and production.
    If you could submit the 3 albums to a professional body like the Grammys or any other body for rating purposes, MIL would surely come out on top.

    Where Ife's point only work is that, the average Nigerian, would prefer the other two to MIL because there are more fast paced songs / club bangers but to the average American or anyone that's not Nigerian/African afrobeat fan, MIL would dust those two anytime.

    Billie Eillsh's "when we fall asleep, where do we go" is a mad classic, album of the year at the Grammys when it came out, how many hits are on it?

    A Nigerian / African would prefer those first two albums because they've already been conditioned to hearing Wizkid sing that type of way but I'm sure a neutral person that probably doesn't have any idea what wizkid sounds like would prefer MIL.
    Also, MIL would fit into any setting/ sit well with any category of people or music in any country worldwide…and that's what a classic album does.

  13. Ife go back to school please.

  14. We are in 2021 bro and I watch ur previous review about 20 good album realised in 2021 and you personally choose MIL in top 2 so tell me if he was to use the same superstar sound or ayo sound am pretty sure It can’t be in top ten.. are we gonna say Davido better time is not a good album and is still not in ur top 5 classic album…so please get ur fact right and stop talking about what you don’t no anything about. MIL is the biggest body of work by Starboy period thanks

  15. Let me ask you a question Africa does not come use music is the Westin word that comes use music

  16. Do you go to Benin City mede in Legos

  17. You know what you are a local boy because made in Legos make for people that listen to cool song international no stress check the view people related to this song made in Legos

  18. Lala should have been here instead

  19. Ife is HUNDRED PERCENT on point

  20. Ife, l agree with you on the last video. You don't need to clarify anything here. Superstar and Ayo album have more impact in the industry than MIL. MIL is too monotonous to be Classic. If you remove the featured tracks, you will be left with average solo wizkid songs. Don't pay attention to this wizkidFC guys, they are the most delusional, insecure, toxic fans l know. Someone even said wizkid don use their pants😫. Eleribu Pro Max ni wan 👨🏿‍🦯

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