WIZKID Loss At Grammy Awards | Should BIG WIZ Beg Angelique Kidjo To Win Next Year? | Burna Boy

WIZKID Loss At Grammy Awards | Should BIG WIZ Beg Angelique Kidjo To Win Next Year? | Burna Boy

WIZKID Loss At Grammy Awards | Should BIG WIZ Beg Angelique Kidjo To Win Next Year? | Burna Boy


  1. Stop capping nd do ur research Verywell… Wiz nd Angelique Kidgo got a song together back in 2015 but I don't why d never release the song

  2. U guys are stupid with ur caption what do u mean he should beg angelique kidgo for what mtcheew is better u use ur words well nextime😠

  3. You are just deceiving yourself with that statement. Why did he have to release a deluxe just for the Grammy. What you are saying is not factual so there is need for concession on every argument

  4. And if you think Wizkid did not need any advice from Angelique Kidjo, I'm so sorry for you because He will lose to Her again and He will also lose to Burna Boy. Because you heard what Burna Boy said in that Tweet.

  5. You guys always say Wizkid do not need this he did not want that, He doesn't post, He doesn't care but he go for those things you guys always say he doesn't care about. If Wizkid didn't care about the Grammy then why did he summit His Album and his song for the Grammy?

  6. Grammy isn’t about Lyrics, if that was the case a little t of artists wouldn’t win Grammy. He doesn’t need her, he was put in the wrong for his type of music. Why is the Global category that requires songs on social issue, politics and climate change, what good is singing about it every year and nothing has changed. This type of music doesn’t represent the many genre of music out of Africa.
    Wizkid album, Made In Lagos, had a mixture of afrobeats, R&B, and Jazz. If her music is so good why the vast majority has not heard of her. I heard a couple of her songs and would never buy them, I like music that I in my soul and you can vibe to.

  7. Wizkid reached out to Kidjo back in 2013 for a collaboration. They even recorded a song and Wizkid announced it in 2015 on Twitter so they definitely have a relation.

  8. No , it has nothing to do with his lyrics, he should have been in the mainstream categories, not Global category which requires social issues, climate change, and politics. No one want to hear that type of music she sing in the mainstream. They knew his album didn’t have any social issues but they put him in that category anyway. His team submitted for Song of the year, Album of the year, and Artist of the year.
    Wizkid is an Afrobeats artist.
    Did Justin Bieber song peaches make sense or BTS song Butter also, come on why Wizkid album was not in the mainstream categories. He doesn’t need her help, Grammy need to recognize afrobeats artists, as they do K-pop and other foreign music artist.
    Angelique Kidji is not a mainstream music artist, she’s heavy in social issues. Wizkid doesn’t need another Grammy, he has one. Grammy doesn’t define his greatness.

  9. Son unos QQGIRLS.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla 5, se que estuvop sorprendente…

  10. Wizkid lyrics is too poor even if Angelique kidjo give Wizkid chance he no go win

  11. Its not about getting Godmother, wizkid lyrics are so poor and lack content!!! She tell me say, she tell me say all the damn time. Next!

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