WIZKID Disgraces Banky W After His Recent Outburst | DAVIDO & Biz WIZ Called Out Over GodFatherism

WIZKID Disgraces Banky W After His Recent Outburst | DAVIDO & Biz WIZ Called Out Over GodFatherism

WIZKID Disgraces Banky W After His Recent Outburst | DAVIDO & Biz WIZ Called Out Over GodFatherism


  1. If davido work harder than WizKid then WizKid work 3pop harder than him because can you update davido the son of a rich man and WizKid the son of nobody i think some card should go for WizKid who was nothing but today is something, WizKid really try that is the legend of African afropop music, even one of the greatest legendary king 2baba can are test of that, WizKid is more better than davido, i love davido too but let's spare spare davido should show some respect to woub makeup Africa music what is today

  2. The wedding has come and gone, Banky should have let sleeping dogs lie and let wizkid be

  3. For real without banky w there’s no wizkid believe it or not, banky w was wizkids destiny helper, although as his boss he may have reaped wizkid off but wizkid should be grateful that at that time banky w took interest in signing him and making him a star ⭐️. Give honour to whom honour is due. Banky w made wizkid from ojuelegba to the world 🌎 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

  4. Wizkid having a God father doesn't mean dat he didn't work hard to get to where he's today..Life is hard work .Both have worked hard to get to where dey are today nd are still working hard.There's no food for no lazy man.We got to know wizkid thru Banky but David had everything he needed for us to know him that's the difference nd not come out to say one person is a hard worker nd d the other person is not.Pls get the true definition of some words b4 putting dem to use.

  5. Thank God say wizkid no get time to reply all this rubbish he is always focus baba carry on

  6. Daniel regha be like MTN, everywhere you go he dey there.

  7. The people making those comments are just stupid. It is business. Nothing else. Banky has and continues to make money off Wizzy. Why does he have to attend someone's wedding to prove anything?

  8. Which wedding ceremony again?is Banky doing his anniversary?

  9. Make long throat no robb Banky political sit ooh. Wedding wedding wedding no be by force go rest. Both rest

  10. Banky should rest wedding wedding can Banky rest you should stop did all your soul friends or close friends attend your wedding. So surprised that Banky's wife was just there nodding her towards this shit both of you need to stop. Banky you can't be in the govt with this attitude of remembering people that you fed them when they were down. Leave WizKid alone Banky your putting your face in the mud.

  11. Una no get sense for gusto o what is BizWiz again

  12. LOL can also be Lot Of Love so stop assuming it is LAugh Out Loud

  13. Wizkid raised E.M.E and his departure was the biggest lost for E.M.E.
    Truth is Banky W coming out after many years to say these things shows that, he actually is trying to bring Wizkid down because of his recent global success.
    LOL is the best answer for him

  14. Yes Wizzy f***k up, who never f***k up hands in the air.

  15. The caption is embarrassing. Are you guys not ashamed ?

  16. Davido is talented he actually plays instruments don't forget that too!

  17. Since when did Wizkid attends anyone function?

  18. Wizkid tried for EME too much… Wiz kid raised EME and made them money till this day… Banky will eat from the royalties from the first album to the second album .., Those albums were classic and still relevant till this day…

  19. Davido had an advantage over Wizkid, his father had money and invested in his son career.
    So stop saying Davido was self made. Wizkid was self made he had to hustle to be seen as an artist, Banky signed him but Wizkid made money for him.
    Wizkid had a raw talent that Davido not Burna Boy had. Every artist had someone in their career to help them to be the artist they are today. Davido had HNK, please stop the madness.
    Banky know why Wizkid didn’t attend his wedding so it’s between the two of them not fans.
    Leave Wiz alone

  20. this alika boy 🤣 is ingrate 😂😂😂

  21. LOL means Laughing Out Loud and Also Lots of Love.

    Choose your medicine for your headache…choose what you so desperately want to believe, it doesn't add or minus from any of them.

  22. I think it is sad to condemn Wizkid for not attending Banky wedding, he stated that he had an event and was unable to attend. Banky did help Wizkid, he was signed to his album, so Banky made money off of Wizkid talent. Wizkid was gifted as an artist, yes Banky helped him.
    Davido dad helped him with his career, created a music dept at a school so his son could learn music, also he had help from people. Davido was not self made, his father money helped him.
    How many times does Wizkid have to apologize for something that happen 5yrs ago, please no one know what transpired between the two at the time of Wizkid departure. Davido didn’t need a godfather, he had his father money.
    Wizkid had to hustle for a chance to show his talent, Davido had his father money.
    Wizkid paid his dues, to be where he is now, he had the talent to succeed. People need to stop saying Davido didn’t have anybody to mentor him, his father paid to have a music dept so his son could study music, if that not anything, please. Davido father money mentored him. Davido was not self made, he had more options than Wizkid. Wizkid became who he is by his determination to his craft, not because of Banky.
    Wizkid is the King of Afrobeats not Davido. Wizkid had taken afrobeats to another level, not Davido, please stop comparing Wizkid to Davido. Davido is A vain and proud person. love to flaunt everything he had. Wizkid is at reserved people, doesn’t have to be in the limelight as Davido and Burna Boy. Wizkid worked hard to get where he is today. Davido had his dad and others as his mentor.
    Please stop the madness that Davido was self made, lol

  23. Son unos HOTBABY.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla 6, se que estuvoa sorprendente…

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